radioactive dyes and poisoning me and the fun and the horror of the day 29july2015 (c) 2015 kerasotes

Dear Facebook People & Friends, today i was going to upload a bunch of nice photos i took ever since i moved into my new home. i can’t. it takes too long. this mac has to have an administrator approve the new adobe flash thing to do it. that is never going to happen. So i did it the hard way and uploaded today’s RAINBOWS ON MY CEILING. That worked like it did for Michael and Mike when it stopped processing the upload i hit cancel and est voila, and there they were. nice. so i took out my chip and went looking at other’s posts. i saw asteroids and neat things and heard a vid and saw this bette davis photo with william powell and liked it and shared it. i don’t want to go to the library. it is about 90 here today. i walked a long walk to the video store and was told “i am not buying today i have no money” by dave and took his card and went home. it was a long block and i was lucky to catch the 7 bus part way home. so up i went to home and put down my sack of dvds and came down here to see if i could work this machine i have grown to like and i did. i am tired today and i cannot eat solid food. last night i found out that i had indeed lost the weight i said i did. SO I WAS OFF 3 POUNDS WITHOUT A SCALE! that’s pretty good isn’t it Michael? Michael you know cannot answer me as that horror called franklin killed him in 2013 in april on the fifth and i torture him daily for it by showing him what it is all about and it is all about what you franklin did to michael what you did to michael what you did to michael what you did to michael what you did to michael and you will be getting what you did to michael until you leave. i am never speaking to the horror again folks. i told you what a horror is didn’t i? well a horror is a personality made by a personality to stay unwell. a sick thing. this sick thing is mean stupid and dumb. AND it gets stupider and dumber and meaner as the day grows old and older and as they pass the stupid thing hurts itself for michael thinking michael is here feeling it and that is dumb. i told it that when i talked to that thing. i told it that, michael. but still it does it and still it does it and still it does it and that is stupid and mean. so i told michael’s god i was not feeling good and felt like throwing up today and now was a good time to die but he didn’t take me away. people tell me he has things for me to do and i have things i must do and complete before i can die. i hope that isn’t forever like my nurse and my receptionist at my doctor’s office said the last time i was there. i have been wondering if all this sickness is from the things they inject into me to view me on the atomic and sub atomic levels and perhaps it might be. i never did finish reading about the MRI SCANS i had last night with dye and without dye. i have been injected with radioactive iodines, gamma radiations, and things like barium and some other strange drug that for once like when i first started smoking cigarettes last year that made me feel really good but you can never ever have again because it will kill you and that is what that doctor told me back then so i can’t feel good on that radioactive drug ever again. of course for the next month or so i got sick every day and threw up and vomited blood and goo and the like and stuffs like foods and had awful diarrheas etcetera michael and folks. and people i know michael is dead but i talk to him and the others who left because of what those personalities and horrors did to michael and mike over the years they were here and i know they don’t hear me and can’t but that thing called franklin doesn’t. isn’t that dumb? i think so. so back to this thing about feeling sick and like i want to vomit goo all day today and throw up – i think it is all the radioactive stuff in me and i don’t know the half-lives of them but some are for 79 years and some for 1000’s for i asked once. my hair breaks and falls off and out again today and now and it is greasy and oily and went and metally and crispy and bloody and a horror unto itself as michael would say and i think it is all the radioactive shit they shove in my veins to spend two hours or two half hours hooked up and onto some fantastic machine that i just love to hear how it works and how wonderful and new it is and all that stuff forgetting that the pretty thing is killing me and killing me it is folks, killing me it is. And these techs know it and hide behind lead lined walls and are nice about it but they know i am radioactive and i radiate them but they are good and kind and nice to me and i think that’s nice and i forget that the stuff they put in me kills me and i get sick every time i have a scan done to see what kind of cancer is in me now or where it has spread and i wonder how on earth or how in hell or heaven i make it through another day when i DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE ANY MORE FOR IT SICKENS ME TO BE HERE WITH FRANKLIN AND THE THINGS HE HAS DONE TO THIS BODY OF MICHAEL’S SINCE HE’S BEEN HERE AND he’s been here for 8 years now or going on 8 years as michael would have said and all he can do is say he is 1 or a day old or a he or a she and a little girl or a little boy or michael loves me or i’m sorry sorry sorry or 1 2 3 4 5 6 or thank you very much or happy birthday or are you happy or what are you doing or the other ritual stuff that he used to kill mike and michael but doesn’t work on me and that pisses him off and i say well he should have left like everybody else shouldn’t have he God and he screams in his voices and noises and suches that i am a bastard for telling god on him and he damns me and michael and mike and all that crap and it is so pathetically stupid and dumb and boring but he does it hour after hour and never really sleeps or dreams anymore while he plays his corrupt memories to punish mike or michael or his mother who or what ever she is and that is so dumb for once upon a time michael said that there are no women here you are all males and you are all as old as me and that would make you my age and that is 60 years old and then he never said that anymore and they all agreed but stupid little franklin who became the pariah of the group and that’s what they all left or died so you figure that out folks for i have and now back to the radiations and scans that are killing me or making me sick and such and i just bear with it and go on and try for another nice moment in time and this space for although he can leave here i cannot and i have a set of movies or dvds from snohomish like the yellow rolls royce to watch and last night i watched HOW TO STEAL A MILLION with michael’s friend audrey hepburn and michael’s other friend peter o’toole and since it was 1966 he missed them coming to his home in springfield but told them at the STAR OF THE YEAR AWARDS Party that year that he loved their movie and that made them happy. so i guess i will stay another day and die a little more and let you all know what else is going on and what fun i had or what i saw and what the doctors said or whatnot or evers okay? okay. i will go and try and post this on my wordpress dot com pages for the others to see. good day and it is about 90 the guy next to me just said as i explained how i figured out how to put camera chips in this thing and usb plugs and then found the speaker thing i have been looking for and note this people – he was the happiest i have ever seen him and he spoke to me and laughed and was excited and joyful and that was fun and worth it so i guess you are all right and such that i am here for a purpose or reason so good day and good luck and just one more little thing,,,,,,, this mac edits my words and finishes them for me and corrects mistakes better than any machine i have ever been on from the carl gipsen center to the va place at the train station to the little libraries from seattle to everett to snohomish etcetera and that is all for now, that is all. me


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