Sub Atomic MRI Cancer Pelvic Scan of July 28th 2015 (c) 2015 kerasotes

Tonight I had another cancer scan on the sub atomic level.  This was on the level of Hydrogen he said.  Sub Atomic smaller than what he thought i had in the Nuclear Medicine Scan.  He said that because I could see little red protons floating across the screen that i was on a different atomic level and probably smaller than my MRI Scan.  His name was John.  He also said he can inject the dyes without causing bleeding or pain.  Him and the other John are now the only two people over there that I want doing any kind of needle injecting into me if i have to have that ever.  and i mean period.  I don’t know what the results are.  i will get a call from my urologist i hope.  last time i had to call everybody.  so i will let you all know in 24 to 48 hours how much and what kind of cancers they found in my pelvis and that includes my bladder.  The moon is almost full tonight and beautiful.  I saw it on the walk to the bus which i took because it was too cold to walk.  The #7 can in 2 – 5 minutes from my texting to see how long it would be.  I was done a little after 8 p.m. and it is now 9 p.m.  Remember the Blue Moon on the 31st for it is a rare thing.  And if it is BLUE where you are, please post me a comment or note or an email.  There, i am done.  me.  (c) 2015 kerasotes


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