Franklin wanted to write and i let him………… (c) 2015 kerasotes

I am sitting here at the library’s back terminal and Franklin wants to write. 

What do I do about that mother? What do I do about that? 

I would say let him and watch and see what he writes.  That’s what I would do. 

So, here:

This is Franklin.  I want to write.  Nobody ever let me do this here.  [That is not true, Franklin, not true.  You took Mike away here to write stories that ruined Mike’s pages on WordPress and nearly got him kicked off it!]  Excuse me, then.  I will just say [type] that when Patrick comes I want him to find me a psychiatrist so I can figure out how to integrate with the me who cares about himself.  I would say to him, please help me to do this.  Do you think you could help me with my problems?  Do you think you could help me with my mistakes?  Do you think you could help me with my meanness?  Do you think you could help me with my growing up?  I am 65 years old and I am not adult in my thinking. [This is incorrect.  Franklin is 65 and pretends to be a child or a baby while being Michael’s Dead Mother Marjorie all day long.] I want to be nice.  I want to care about myself.  I want to leave.  I want him to be here instead of me.  I should ask you Patrick to help me with this please.

That will do, Franklin that will do.  I will allow this as you asked once and never worked on it before.  Since there is nothing else to do these days but figure out how to go on in spite of the horrors you insist upon doing every minute of every day, I shall allow this.  I think this is a good start for him [you] and now that this has been said and written out, I will remind you {Franklin] that you promised last year to do several things.  This year you promised to do several more.  I have made it clear that these things would help you they would help me they would help us and then once you have done these things it would be best for you to leave.  Since on day one, that is what you said you would do and everyone agreed. 

I am a bit upset here and I am going to post this both on WordPress and Facebook. 

July 29, 2015

© 2015 kerasotes

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