I called Patrick, my case manager and told him I wanted to talk to him and so did Franklin. (c) 2015 kerasotes

Good Morning World, this is me again and I want to write a few things down for myself again.  {{{{ It is July 30, 2015 }}}} I have called my main doctor regarding a psychiatrist to help me deal with all my problems the death issues and the cancers etcetera.  I talked with Carol his receptionist and told her why I wanted one.  She’s nice.  She said that she only knew the one personality and thought he was nice.  I liked that World, I liked that.  They are with Swedish and that opened up a whole lot of psychiatrists that had been blocked for me and Franklin.  I told her I would like a man.  She will work on that and then call me I hope.  I also told her I had my MRI and they would get that stuff soon.  I called my urologist’s and told them that I had the scans and they would get them.  I hope they call soon.  I called Patrick, my case manager and told him I wanted to talk to him and so did Franklin.  I told him why and I prepped him regarding Franklin and what do you know he listened and asked me questions to clarify what he’d heard.  That was nice.  There are several things I want to talk to him about.  They are these:  1) – Care Giver for I have called and I want him to know my assessment is at the end of next month.  2) – Smoking in the apartment and what do I do about that.  3) – Chuck my Payee and the issue of him taking away 105 dollars from me to pay off the old apartments when it was only supposed to be 20 dollars forever.  I won’t be able to have cable or pay my electric bill or buy furniture or the other things I could with that hundred bucks.  4) – Franklin which I already mentioned.  5) – and whatever else it was I wanted to talk to him about like taking me to places like the DVD Store, Safeway, The Walmart Clothes Things, The Bus Pass Monies… .


I went by Mike’s already and told him how much I liked his thing last night with the Senator from Vermont who is Jewish and the reasons why I liked the guy for instance his schools should be free, the we have more prisons and jails than anybody, the student loan and our government making money off them, how is that Jeffersonian and he said yes, the age of the man, the Boeing and corporate and Hillary things, the fact that he spoke like for only twenty minutes and how he said to the black lady who introduced him that in five minutes she had told everything he wanted to say in his speech and how he should hate her for that and he Mike said that’s how he is, he doesn’t talk for hours and hours like politicians do and has never been funded or linked to corporate peoples or banks like Hillary etcetera etcetera etcetera … .


I then saw Tyler of the City of Everett and talked to him about the little wooden owls on the buildings, how I thought that he would tell me they marked Heroin Running Houses but they are to ward off birds, the Novak and Novak attorneys and the Listeria things and the cancers and all that and he smiled and although I interrupted him and his typing and being online and apologized he said it was always nice to talk with me and how we should do it again soon.  He’s the guy who I asked last year once I have moved into my new home on Hoyt and Hewitt and wanted to know how to get to the waterfront and I wondered if his office was closed now but he said no and explained that.  It was nice talking to him and his friend, it was nice.  I enjoy asking him questions and I enjoy his helping me, I enjoy that World, I do. 


So there you are World there you are, Patrick is coming at two it is now noon and I started this at eleven.  See ya!


© 2015 kerasotes

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