My Pelvis Is FRACTURED & Things I did after I saw my Doctor Borish 31 July 2015 Blue Moon Night (c) 2015 kerasotes

My Pelvis Is FRACTURED & Things I did after I saw my Doctor Borish 31 July 2015 Blue Moon Night   (c) 2015 kerasotes  

Today I went to my doctor’s and arrived early.  So I went shopping or window shopping as your Michael would say.  I had some fun at Half Price Books and Trader Joe’s.  I really like the Lynnwood Trader Joe’s.  They had fresh basil in pots for sale for three bucks.  I didn’t buy any or anything although I really wanted to.  There were coloured figs that smelled good and I wanted them because I went to Bucks last night and they had duck with fig reduction that I want for 27 dollars a whack.  It comes with salad potatoe and veggie I think and it is good the guy behind the bar said.  I saw black and blue salad that I wanted with sirloin and bleu cheese and a cheeseburger that looked wonderful and not expensive for dinner.  I would like to try that.  They had a special of halibut stuffed with crab and that was also 27 dollars.  Seemed like all the good stuff was very, very expense and 27 dollars.  There were flat iron steaks with is some kind of sirloin but not as good as strip steak or New York strips I guess..  it wasn’t too expensive around 11 or 14 dollars.  They had wonderful desserts and nice special cocktails.  The appetizers were wonderful and expensive.  I wonder what the lunch menu prices are.  I went to several stores and found the magic USB tiny port thingy I want for a mouse for here and it is about 15 dollars.  I put a hold on it for Monday.  I asked about the Burroughs Mars Books and got my answer.  I will have to check at a later date for those books.  They did have two Lemony Snicket books that I don’t have I think for a dollar each.  They also had the one Michael didn’t have and it was a dollar also.  The snotty place that wasn’t Verizon had the best headphones I have seen touch and worn.  They were leather and tan and nice and cut all the noises out when you put them on.  $120 to $125 they were.  The snotty little blonde said her internet was down and she couldn’t tell me the real price but I got her to give me a card and then I saw she had written down the name different than that which she told me and I went back and looked.  She got it right.  I went up and wrote the price down and maybe the date and her name.  I want those head phones I want them.  I will see what I can do about that.  Chuck my payee called but I couldn’t hear him so I hung up.  I put the phone in a bag and went on to the bus.  I caught it although I had to pay again.  I got off at 99 and Lincoln to shop at Michael’s Dollar Store and walked across the street and saw a hot pretty muscle truck driver who kept looking at me and my parts.  I got across the street any way and looked at him again and then I went to walk up the hill and turned like Jesse said to do and he turned and stared at me and shouted something and I couldn’t quite hear it but he took his little pretty left hand and raised it with all five fingers up and erect and that’s how Nicki, I knew it was little for that is what you’d say.  Me I think it was long and hot for me and just turned and kept walking as my hip hurt from sitting and I knew it was fractured.  I got to the dollar store for toilet paper and found all the things I wanted there and said I probably over spent my 15 bucks but I did not.  Evidently folks the dollar store sells foods for less than a dollar now.  I came out with a dollars and maybe 60 some odd cents.  I was happy and decided to do what Michael and Mike did and pulled out a Camel from the pack that I had and smoked it.  Then I decided to go to Michael’s bar and see Diane.  Well, I did.  She wasn’t inside but I went out to the back to smoke and there she was.  I said hello Diane and gave her a kiss.  Whatever we were talking about got interrupted by Michael’s old nemesis who is now very nice and polite to me and Diane said But Michael I know you’re GAY and so they all got up and left.  I better stop as I might miss my Swift {{{{{{ they now come every 7 minutes Julie like they used to }}}}}} so bye.  I caught my stop.  I went home with my packages and put them out and away.  I ate the vanilla bean icing which was way warm and gooey but okay.  I put it in the fridge for later.  I want to eat it colder.  I then packed up my or Michael’s Alabaster Rock Egypt Gave Him and my cigs and lighter and keys and went to see Jesse.  He was not there.  I spoke to a lady I asked if she was the owner and she was not.  She said he’d be in tomorrow from like 9 till 1 and I then showed her my or Michael’s Rock and she was nice and looked at it.  I told her Egypt stories and she told me hers.  She wants to go to a place I don’t.  Diane from O’Finnagen’s wants to go to England.   I told her about Go Ahead Tours dot com and other stuff.  She was really nice today and bought me a coke.  I asked the nice lady not Diane at the antique store around the corner about Reed & Barton Silver and she said she’d never seen it there.  I asked about Wallace and no there was none.  I asked if her Rodgers was Michael’s Mother’s Roger’s and she didn’t know.  So I left and went back home.  I came up.  I took the stuff out and went down to smoke.  I went for a walk and back.  I heard about an ART SHOW @ THE SENIOR CENTER.  So I decided to go through the garage and check that out.  It was open till 7 p.m. the lady said.  I went in and Dorthy made me sign in and I saw there was food and cake and went looking at Art.  It was okay.   I decided to eat.  It was BBQ’s Pork on a bun and chips and salsa.  I took some.  It was okay.  I saw coffee and cake and I got some.  I then went around looking at Art again.  I decided I wanted another sandwich and more coffee no more cake.  And I did.  It was better without the salsa on it.  I decided to eat it with a good plastic fork.  Much better it was this time.  I looked around some more and since the idiot had sent so many signals to shit and piss, I left the show and went to the bathroom.  Then I left.  I stopped downstairs and smoked.  I came up.  I want to put this on the internet.  I shall.


Shirley called from the payee’s office thanking me for her card.  She really loved it and told me I had beautiful handwriting.  How nice.  I got a bunch of compliments on me my outfit and Michael {[ this one is best – Bev said about the photo I put up on Facebook the other day folks and Addie Lee that ‘No Wonder She Was Jealous of You Michael’!  She said Michael was Beautiful and I thanked her.  She is one of the only people here who know about the personalities and Michael.  I like that.  I have decided that most people cannot deal with it and some really special ones can.  So I have decided to continue the Mike Rule of telling everyone I have them and to those who simply do not get it or understand, I just say I went to Egypt when I was 60, I went to Culver for the 40th Class of ’68 Re-Union, I took these pictures in Egypt say, or this is Me at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn for their Blue Fire Party for 100 of the Elite or Richest People in Seattle – No Bill Gates as he is in Medina with the Benaroya’s and Ann & Nancy’s Parents.  So that is that folks, that is that.  I hope you all understand now and okay you all do then.  Oh did I write about the best boiled eggs and such that Rurika my Japanese Teacher Friend Made and brought me last night while I was about to go up and sleep and decided to go out and look at the moon and then smoke?  Maybe not and maybe I will tell you that tomorrow.

© 2015 kerasotes 


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