I want to write that book on The Incident That Made Michael Split (c) 2015 by kerasotes

I am writing in Elephant Font at 11 in a purple I made today.  It is muggy and hot and I don’t know the temperature.  I have been to the Senior Center for lunch and it was quiche and good.  I told Gina the Chef it was good and she liked that.  I told her about my pelvis being broken and my jaw.  We don’t know why but will soon.  I have not heard from the Bone Specialist but I will.  I want to write that book.  I want to write about The Incident That Started It All.  I have it In The Memories.  I want to write it for Doctor Maryonda Scher.  She never knew why he was like he was and I think she would like to know now.  She is over 87 years old.  I am 65.  So, where to start?  Where do I begin?  I have to think and think hard and think seriously on this and it before I can begin. 


I am already tired from typing.  I think I had better stop.  I want to figure out how to make my tablet write it out for me and I must go to Alderwood for that.  Okay.  I have trips planned for this week.  I have to go to Michael’s Snohomish Library to return DVDs.  I have to go to Kelso’s with Linda Williams on Wednesday.  I have to go to meet with Cynthia about her being my new Payee.  I told Linda Fisher today and I found out where our Susie Q is, she has a job.  We miss her.  I told her about and thanked her for Cynthia and about the multi-personality thing.  I told her I want to write the book.  I did.  Franklin doesn’t remember; he still throws his memories away.  I call it blocking.  I think now that I have written this I will stop.




kerasotes on August 3, 2015.


© 2015 kerasotes


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