PSYCHIATRIST LIST TO CAROL My Receptionist (c) 2015 kerasotes

August 2nd 2015
Dear Carol,
Here are some of the people Medicare gave me to call: 
Try # 1:
Michael Shen
Compass (child psychiatrist)
David Clawson
Everett Neurologicial (not there)
Thomas Barter
Marysville 98270
Try # 2:
Catalina Braghici
21601 76th Ave West
William Solas
1530 No 115th Street 307
(I called and left message Swedish I think)
David Rowlect
11000 Lake City Speedway 2
(I forget why)
Robert Cevney
18500 156th NE Ave 100
(I think they weren’t taking new people. I did call though.)
Try # 3
Catherine Hall
Victoria Harris
Charles Meredith
Swedish Edmonds
(Only taking referrals from Swedish Doctors on these)
Carol the 11 or 12 pages of doctors Janna the nurse here gave me I think I tossed.  They were in Seattle and were either Swedish or Virginia Mason.  Some were on this list of mine like David R Clawson of I think Virginia Mason. 
I would like a psychiatrist who can handle, treat and proscribe Valium & Halcion which Doctor Maryonda Scher of Harborview who was Michael’s doctor who had a degree in Multi-Personalities and said these were the best medicines to take.  Since all the cancer stuff and stress of death and dying and all I would like to have them.  I want to integrate the last personality (Franklin) and I need to know how to do it quickly.  Does that help you at all?  I hope so.  Doctor Dean Ishiki I have met and talked to but he just retired and cannot take me I asked last fall.  I did get a call from him before he did leave First Hill Doctors Group regarding my two week three months left to live death sentence and he said to enjoy life while I was here.  He was that nice and we talked and cried for about a 1/2 hour on the phone.   Doctor Scher retired to her husband and home on Mercer Island and I would like her phone number if you can get it please.  I want her to know that Jayson Integrated in April 2009 on the 20th at 8:30 a.m. and that for the next four years about 50 other personalities did their best to kill and did Michael The Original Personality.  She was writing a book but not about him.  I have his book (2 copies) and would like all her notes if possible.  Could you perhaps relay this to her for she was so very kind and so very interested in his final outcome.  You could tell her also that Mike {The Mike Before Me} came after that and that was April 5th 2013 and he lasted until March 9th 2014 when I arrived.  He wanted a Personality That Cared About Itself and that is how I got here Carol. You could give her and him my name address phone and email address.  I would like that and so would they I think, ma’am.  OK?  OK.
That is about it for now Carol. 
Thank you.

Kindest regards,


Mike Kerasotes
3017 Lombard Avenue #603W
Everett WA USA 98201


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