Michael Campsmith’s Visit & The Bone Doctor 5 August 2015

today i went to my bone specialist doctor.

My new doctor a German of all things and young and new to the Everett Clinic is what I believe to be good.  He didn’t know why my pelvis fractured or split but he showed me where it was and how big or long.  He said it will take 3 to 6 months to mend.  I don’t have to be in a cast or use a wheelchair or a walker or an electric wheelchair.  It has to repair itself.  I asked about the cancer in my bladder, my pelvis and, my prostate.  He then wanted to know what brought me in and I explained the whole incident or story.  I began with the ice cream and the call from Snoqualmie Ice Cream the day before Christmas and the death sentences I got.  One from the Ice Cream and one from the PolyClinic.  I told him I had outlived them and what my nurse Marge told me at Doctor Borish’s Office.  I told him what the East Coast Attorneys said and that was that all the cancers started from the Listeria.  I told him how I found out about the cancer in my prostate in April at my CAT SCAN.  I told him about how the doctors all said the other doctor was to prescribe pain medicines and that my main or primary care physician would not prescribe me anything not even sleeping medication.  He said that was wrong and he would write a note to my Doctor Borish.  I thought that was perfect and felt relief at that moment.  He asked what I did for the pain and I told him I’d grown used to it and was that wrong and he said yes.  I should be on pain medications for the rest of my life in his own words and I was astounded that he said such a thing.  I wasn’t prepared for that, I was not prepared.  I mean really, I thought there must be some cure for all the cancers and then remembered that some are not curable like bladder cancer for which they only give you five years to live.  I told him that the doctors at Providence seemed to care and understand that I was in pain and offered me two choices of medications.  He asked me what I wanted to take and I was again stunned.  I said I didn’t know but that one of the two Providence gave me worked good on the pain in the pelvis and he agreed that oxycodon was okay for now but that I might or must be on stronger pain pills forever.  I was not happy with that one but I surpressed my unhappiness.  He went on to tell me about the fracture itself and I was in wonder not amazement at his talents and skills as an orthopedic doctor.  MRI’s are more impressive with him at the screen of the computer and his use with a mouse.  


Since Franklin is not sleeping and so insistent upon making mistakes on purpose Michael, I will stop for now.  {{{12:56 a.m. on August 5, 2015 Wednesday……………………}}}  


It is now 6:36 p.m. and Franklin and I have reached an understanding.  This is a great thing and of importance.  He has begun to care about himself and also to about his body.  I have worked a great long time for this and for this moment.  I am very pleased.  This shows that no matter what else has been said and done, all my work with and for him is paying off again.  I unlike any other have been able to train him and teach him and learn him and help him.  Together we have done this too.  It is of great importance because he has learned to care and to care about himself.  This may mean that I may leave.  This may mean that we can get along.  This may mean that my time here on this earth won’t be so miserable anymore.  This may mean that his time on earth won’t be so miserable either.  Isn’t this nice?  Yes, it is.  We are quite happy, quite pleased about this.  


Michael Campsmith came to visit today.  It has been about two months since his last visit.  He comes to visit me every two months.  This is his pattern I’ve noticed.  Today’s visit is of great importance for it is the first time I have enjoyed being with him.  We had conversations.  We both listened to each other.   We shared information about ourselves.  We enjoyed each other’s tak.  I think we both had a good time.  Usually it has been he comes to take me or us out to lunch and then to go take me a store to buy some of the things i cannot buy.  He is kind to me this way.  i appreciate these visits and his helping me make my home a better place.  He likes to do this.  He likes to help. He likes to help me.  


He does not understand the multi-personality thing like most people i talk to and tell about it and Michael and Mike and me and even about Franklin.  So i tell him ‘I went to Egypt when I was 60’  ‘I grew up in Springfield’  and etcetera.  Although I had books on the table about Multi-Personality, he has difficulty accepting me as Not Michael.  He thinks I am Michael.  In actuality and such this is a compliment, a great compliment.  I know I am not Michael.  He doesn’t.  And although we talk about the multi-personality issue, subject, and stuff, it is a though this is a sickness, a problem, a state of being, a thing i will get well from and be his Michael the Michael he knew and met a long, long time ago.  So we talk about it and it helps me and him with the subject and we go on from there.  Today we talked a lot.  We Communicated.  This is the first time we have done this.  I liked it.  Franklin liked it.  Franklin began to understand the situation and i talked and prepped and coached him while i talked to Michael [Michael being Michael Campsmith here].  I noticed that during our visit Franklin began cutting and dropping his voices down to one.  He asked me questions in one or two voices.  He suggested things in a few voices instead of say hundreds.  This is quite an impressive bit of information and i told him i appreciated his use of voice and cutting the number down and being quiet for some of the time.  


So we gathered the things i needed as he [Michael Campsmith] suggested like my PUD electric bill.  I as I did this began eliminating the things I wanted and the things I think he would have bought me so it wouldn’t be a lot.  I mean after all my electric bill was some two hundred nine dollars and he was going to pay the whole amount for me.  So i said to me and Franklin I am not going to ask him to buy me new furniture new rug new coffee table new chair and new this and new that.  I am only going to let him buy me a few things and since Mister Campsmith was hungry, i was going to let or allow him to buy me or us lunch folks and as we did this i began listing all the things he said he would buy me and putting a NO beside them. So off to Bucks American Grill and Cafe we went.  We had the Blue Plate Special of Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes and blanched green beans.  I had their Black Swan Coffee.  He had water.  We enjoyed lunch and we talked and talked and talked.  We talked together and this we have never done so far Michael [and here I mean Michael the original for Mister Campsmith is his friend] and I was so done in with this and even Franklin noticed and commented on it folks.  So people, here is a first for us and we like it.  Lunch was delicious and I told the chef again like i did the last time and he and his assistant or sou chef liked it and said thank you.  Next we went to Lowe’s and bought me a rug and two fans.  He insisted I needed TWO FANS and I am glad he did.  Then we went off to BIG LOTS for BED STUFF as I wanted 2 new pillows and possibly sheets.  We stopped at Value Village but he decided that they didn’t have what we needed.  Here at Value Village Franklin began to understand what was going on and we did not want used clothes or pillows or sheets and we were disappointed and i told him if that is what Michael could afford to buy us then we should be happy to have them and it would be okay if we didn’t have new things this time from here.  But Michael surprized us and said we had to go to BIG LOTS and BUY NEW.  So we did.


Franklin has been gumming and chewingg on his cud and our hands are going numb with the pain of the action and the abuse of his horrible lack of  concern or care and he has begun typo-ing and i am not pleased nor happy and he is upset and i wish to explain that so i am going to make him type this for me.  I told him not to crunch his jaw for it would hurt this body for two days or so.  Earlier he had crunched so badly at home this morning that by the time i left Bucks my side was in deep pain.  I explained to him that it was his side and his body and i would not stay in it with him for this is impossible as two personalities cannot occupy this body at the same time. but on and on and on he went crunching a=t the jaw which my doctor said to keep closed.  i am leaving the mistakes in to show him and you what he does and he does it on purpose deliberately to hurt Michael whom he killed dead three years ago and that is why he is called stupid and idiot and dumb.  


The pain or numbness it too much and i must stop now folks.

© 2015 kerasotes

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