JOHN CENA has broken nose and is not going to appear the security lady said to me today………… (c) 2015 kerasotes

John Cena is not going to appear for he has a broken nose the security lady said to me this afternoon………

John Cena may not appear today for he may be busy elsewhere.  I was done in Audrey, done in.  The fat little boy with the high voiced spoke to me today.  He was friendly.  it was his first time.  i was amazed.  so was frank.  frank is short for franklin.  i am tired of his typos so  i am shortening his name.  He had knowledge of the Cena WWE Event that i did not.  I think the idiot changed the month from April to March as is his way with the real world ’cause he prefers to live in Pretend Land and as you all know, I Do Not!  So we let go and came back here.  No mail Chuck, No Mail.  I listened to my 10 Voice Messages and Noted that Chuck had called and said some things.  He wants me to call Krystyna as there is a credit there he said.  He said there is something about the Pawn Shop 30 bucks.  He said there is something about the Verizon bill that earlier he said he would pay.  He said something about me coming in on Tuesday rather than Monday because of all the people.  He said nothing about not sending me my checks.  So i wonder where they are.  Last week on Monday [a week ago] there were like ten people in the office and no receptionist [Shirley] and the ones to the right of the entrance way going in were swearing about no checks ready to pick up.  Others were complaining about only getting ten dollars.  the guy who left before me only got ten dollars and that wasn’t enough for gas.  Pat called and Patrick called and the Monte of Park Place Aston Martin called and the guy from Algeria called and some one else called.  I saw Mark who used to live at the old 1506 Hewitt Place with me.  He looked nice and not on drugs.  He did everything.  He did Heroin.  He did meth.  He did crack.  If he’s given them up, that makes three of them that quit.  Isn’t that nice?  I thought so. The other two would be Dee Dee and Bill.  Leaving Linda [ or Ruby ] Louis Deana Chuck Charles Tracy N Tracy H Charlie Bruce & David [or james david allen] and George.  All are Heroin Addicts.  All do Meth.  All do Crack.  And some do Hard Meth or crack with Meth.  I found out how to make crack it is from cocaine.  A guy on the street told me because i asked him.  David was talking about cooking cocaine and since the guy mentioned cooking cocaine, i asked how you do that and he told me.  I won’t go into it.  It is a process and you use metal in it like someone else uses aluminum to make meth.  So No John Cena and They Are Closing Early It Seems for they are supposed to be here thru tomorrow night.  Now they are leaving at 4 to 6 in the morning instead of after tomorrow nights performance.  People were standing outside waiting for tickets and then they were taking photos of the guys packing trucks.  The little fat thing and i went up to take some while he ate his McDonald’s Ice Cream.  We went up by the Sunflowers to look down upon the show and were told by this little lady in Comcast Black to go away for you were not to take pictures and not to be on their private property.  I took one anyway.  She just repeated herself and repeated and repeated.  So we left and chatted about it and the events and Summer Wrestling on USA and the movie trucks and the trailers they camp in while not performing and that they all laser removed the hair off their pretty hairless muscled bodies.  And we chuckled and laughed and said it must be expensive and talked about the two blonde flea haircut twins that were muscly and pretty and such.  It was fun to talk to someone real instead of thing like you frank babe, instead of talking to a pretend thing that lives in pretend land and prefers unreality to reality like me and the fat little thing who was friendly and talkative today.  So there you are WordPress, there you are.  And since this computer is blocked by someone who has it out for Linda and frustrates her on purpose so she can’t go to Facebook from here, I can’t.  See ya.  me on August 10, 2015 at something like a quarter till one in the afternoon on Monday.   

John Cena has a broken nose the lady security guard said to me today.  i have re-edited this article i wrote just to let you all know.  it is sad.  the show is all sold out and too bad the people are standing at the security gate trying to get tickets.  we all thought so.  we being me and the two nice security people who are handing out phones and shirts to their people.  i told them i wanted a ticket but they were all sold out.  Pity!  [[ like Michael would do ]]  

I called Patrick about meeting with Miss Simm.   I talked to Nancy about her friend and she is going to call her tonight.  Her friend is Cynthia and I would like her to be my new payee.  I told Nancy the sad pitiful story about Chuck and Me today.  Awful!  Any Way Folks, I am at the HP Computer and can copy/paste this to Facebook.  

See ya, me

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