He Still Doesn’t Believe Me………… (c) 2015 kerasotes

august 10, 2015 monday evening after nap

he still doesn’t believe me.  he doesn’t believe us.  and he asked us not to write his last name on here.  that was the last thing we heard him say today.  i had asked him to take notes to our lady of eva and that is because he forgets.  he’s busy.  that’s what we guess.  he thinks that we don’t remember but we do.  we do.  we remember what he forgets — maybe because we write about it on here and other places.  now frank i am going to write i instead of we.  i had him write down notes because i am tired of the forgetting.  i don’t think it is fair.  i know you don’t either frank but this is now and ‘i’ thing.  

i had him write down notes about my payee.  i did that for a particular reason.  since it is so very important that i get my money and not a lecture and since i have cancer now of so many things and i am in pain so much of the time and since no one but the bone doctor and the couple of nice doctors at the hospital seem to care about it, i thought it best to let everyone know how hard and difficult it has become to walk to places that are far away that used to be a fun thing or walk to do.  it is so difficult going uphill and the pain that is always there i got used to.  the bone doctor said that was not good.  i should be on medicine for pain forever.  that’s what he said.  he was going to send his report to my doctor and my doctor has not called nor has the receptionist and that makes me mad.  i wrote her several times on email and nothing yet and it has been over a week.  awful.  just awful.  so i had him write notes so that he wouldn’t forget.  i don’t think he put the date on them like i do or mike did or michael did but i do.  i went home and wrote notes myself.  i do that because he forgets.  last week it was to be wednesday for the money for my bus pass and now it is tomorrow or wednesday this week.  we will see.  it was the same last time with the prescription lady and this time he didn’t even remember he asked me last time.  that is how he forgets and this my writing on here helps me to remember what he says or doesn’t say or does or doesn’t say.  so i had him take notes.  

i am tired or the typo queen frank baby and his mistakes so i am getting off here.  he’d rather crutch and chew his cud than not hurt us.  he yawns because the doctor said not to.  he opens his mouth wide because the doctor said not to.  he farts for things that are not real still.  he performs his tricks still michael, he does mike.  and that is awful too.  his tricks make us hurt.  his actions make us have more pain.  i am wondering if it was his deliberate tripping us all the time that split the pelvis.  i wrote that i am working with him to integrate him but he is not doing one little thing about it.  in fact, he does the opposite.  i even checked out books from two libraries on multi-personalities and read them to him.  i tire of it.  i have the billy milligan book on hold at one of them and am going tomorrow morning i hope to get it and return the movies and this time i am not checking out new ones.  i still have the sequels to the movie The Mummy aka The Scorpion King and they are not due till the 18th.  okay.  that’s it.  see ya.  me 


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