I Called Chuck……………. (c) 2015 kerasotes

I called Chuck today and asked for an appointment for tomorrow.  I don’t know if i will get it but Pat said he’d take me and then take me to the depot for bus pass fare money.  he got me some.  thank you Pat.  i think i passed the bug test, i asked Carol and she said if i didn’t get a note i did.  there are three places that have them.  that’s what Gina said.  i don’t know.  you know how they talk or gossip out by the parking lot.  i did see the Persiad Meteor Shower last night.  i looked.  i had to go to the internet because Gina said to look it up there.  it is a comet it said and the tail is what we are passing through and the parts are like 100,000 miles per hour as they fall into out space.  100 per hour is the lot they said was a good time to look up Jack.  I saw two and they were just flashes of bright white light.  So that makes me happy twice.  i saw a comet and a meteor shower.  Nice.  good night sweet dreams. me  eleven august two thousand fifteen tuesday evening. 


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