After three months of living here at Broadway Plaza, I have finally….. (c) 2015 kerasotes

After three months of living here at Broadway Plaza, I have finally figured it out Mayor that a lot of the people are heroins.  Meaning they do Heroin.  Mostly I say this because of their Bloodshot Eyes and their Lack of Muscle Tone and if they are female they look pregnant.  Pregnant with a empty pregnancy — not a false pregnancy or a real pregnancy but an empty one where there is no child in it. This is from shooting up heroin.   Heroin takes your muscles and turns them to fat.  This is from Michael’s Doctor Pearson and his Doctor Eveloff.  They told him about this when he was little.  Little meaning young. Isn’t it awful to realize this?  Yes, it is.  They get up early and go outside and do not smoke but wait for their dealer to arrive by car or bike.  They come at odd early hours.  They are obese and fat and grumpy.  If they are happy they are on crack. If they are hungry they are on crack.  If they are talkative they are on heroin.  If they talk about giving you things they are on meth.  I know because me and Mike LaPointe discussed while i lived the corner of Hoyt & Hewitt in the old 1892 Hotel that was a Heroin Running House in the early days of this city that I live in.  It even has a tunnel to the Pier Number 2 underneath it that The Meals On Wheels People are investigating Heroin Transportation.  Awful Awful Awful.  So I thought that since I don’t do Heroin and the people that liked me don’t anymore it is because I told them I don’t and am allergic to it.  Me and Franklin don’t do Heroin.  I don’t really care if you do or don’t but i think it better that you don’t.  After All It ChangesThe Chemistry In Your Brain so that that’s all you really do want and crave every second of your life once you first try it. So There WordPress, so there.


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