Historic Everett Theatre, Joseph M. Schenck presents Buster Keaton in Sherlock, Jr. A Metro Picture Directed by Buster Keaton Story by Jean Havez, Joseph Mitchell, Clyde Bruckman. (c) 2015 kerasotes

august 29th 2015, saturday evening, and i have made the best dinner ever.  it was fresh scallops and halibut and tomatoes in butter.  it was very good.  this was the first time i ever liked what i cooked.  isn’t that something WordPress, isn’t that something.  i thought so.

i wanted to go the the everett historic theatre tonight to see buster keaton in his sherlock, jr. film, but, i could not.  it was fifteen ($15) dollars and i only had five and change so i could not go.  this was the film my grandfather liked best.  it made him want to own movie theaters so he built one.  it was his favorite movie he said to me once.  that’s why i wrote chris on Facebook who manages the theatre and told him why i wanted to go.  i posted it on my kerasotes.mike Facebook page and i want you to go there to look at it folks.  if not go to The Everett Historic Theatre website and find it.  There is a nice little article about there.  please read it.

i don’t feel all that good and tomorrow is sunday.  a day of rest.  i get one more after that.  then i start radiation for my prostate and bladder they said.  50/50 chance that nothing down there works ever ever again folks. 50/50 he said.  i will go every day monday through friday and have the weekends off they said.  September 1st at 8 o’clock is when i go and start i guess.  wish me luck please, wish me luck.  i will try and post this on Facebook as well since the link here is bad and it doesn’t post there anymore WordPress.  Could you check on that for me please, i would like that folks.

There here is the link to the Everett Historic Theatre site that has the movie i wanted to watch.  it is on a kimble organ and is a silent film.  The Cost is $15.00.  Go See it if you can.  There are more wonderful movies to be seen here in this program series folks.  I wish i was going.  Good Night, me.


Historic Everett Theatre

Colby Ave Everett WA 98201




Saturday Evening August 29 7:30 PM
Joseph M. Schenck presents Buster Keaton in Sherlock, Jr. A Metro Picture Directed by Buster Keaton Story by Jean Havez, Joseph Mitchell, Clyde Bruckman.
Sherlock, Jr. is one of Buster Keaton’s funniest and most technically innovative features. He plays the floor sweeper and projectionist of a small-town movie theater who in his free time studies to be a detective. His troubles begin when he slyly buys his girlfriend a box of chocolates. Not wanting her to think him a cheapskate for only spending a buck on the gift, he carefully changes the price tag to read four dollars. Another fellow, also vying for the gal’s affections goes one better and swipes the girl’s father’s watch and pawns it so he can buy her a really expensive gift. To cover his tracks, he takes the hock ticket and sticks it into the innocent Keaton’s pocket and then makes darn sure the ticket is discovered. Naturally, the girl’s family gives Keaton the boot. Now to restore his good name, he must use his newly acquired skills as a gumshoe. Sleuthing proves to be hard work, and after an entire day spent following his rival around town, the exhausted Keaton returns to his job at the theater and falls asleep during the showing of a sophisticated mystery. He then dreams that he and all the others involved in the “case” are involved in the movie, which deals with elegantly dressed people and the search for a purloined necklace. In his dream, he decides that the only way to solve his puzzling mystery is to enter the film and so he goes down to the screen and tries to jump into the movie. But something strange happens and he ends up appearing in various scenes from other films. Technically, Keaton accomplished this using some fast-paced and brilliant editing, so it appears that one moment he is alone in a desert and the next he is nearly mowed down by a speeding train that comes out of nowhere. The brush with the train lands him atop a cactus that suddenly transforms into an island. He attempts to dive into the water, but ends up in a huge snowbank, and from there he finally makes it into the movie where he finds his normal clothes magically changed into a tuxedo. In this way, Keaton becomes a character of the actual film as world-renowned detective Sherlock, Jr. A series of crazy chases ensue until a car crash awakens the sleeping projectionist. Groggily opening his eyes, Keaton is surprised when his girlfriend arrives, and she begs him to forgive her for doubting him. From there the bewildered fellow, happy to have her back but confused about what to do, glances at the still-playing movie and takes his cues from there. While filming a scene that takes place in a train yard, Keaton’s neck was fractured in real life when he was slammed to the railroad track by the gushing water from the water tower to which he was clinging. Keaton left the scene intact for the film.
Historic Everett Theatre | 425-258-6766 | www.historiceveretttheatre.com

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