:UPDATE: :UPDATE: :UPDATE: I got sick from the homone shot etc (c) 2015 kerasotes


PPPS: I got sick from the hormone Lepron shot yesterday and i was at my main doctor and he said to tell my other doctor so i did. I got this wonderful stuff for nausea and vomiting that you put under your tongue and it dissolves tastes good and you don’t throw up all day and all night folks. i also got antibiotics so my implants don’t get infected. that means those three gold seeds. i got a good night’s sleep and i feel better today. isn’t that nice. so even though i don’t feel so good i don’t feel bad and want to vomit all day long. Nice. Next month is radiation every day for 6 weeks and tattoos. Will keep you up to date people.

Kindest regards, me on Saturday September 12th 2015. Good Night.


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