i talked with my receptionist for my main doctor today and she wants to see me and see how i look…. (c) 2015 kerasotes

i talked to my doctor’s receptionist Carol today and made an appointment for Monday afternoon as she said she wanted to see how i looked and i needed to see my dear doctor for my pills as i am about to run out. i am adjusting to the mood swings and hot flashes. they {{the hot flashes}} bother me when i am in bed resting or trying to sleep and i have to get up in order not to soak my sheets. i am getting out a bit more and i like that. i don’t even mind the rains. at least things aren’t burning like they were this summer and we need the water or rains desperately. i had lunch at the senior center with Eloise whom i miss and that was a delight. Juanita from Texas now here told Merrill’s Marauder {if that’s how it’s spelled} stories of World War II and the China Burma India Connection plus the Philippines that we all didn’t hear about because of Pearl Harbor. They bombed The Bridge at The River Kwai that we all loved and one movie where no one from Hollywood came to visit and party. My dad always wanted to know who and what they were and they were prisoners who were macho and butch and didn’t like following orders or being lead and could be out on their own in the jungle of Burma and bomb the Japanese to cut of their trade routes as they tried and did to cut ours off from China. We had to go through India and not Burma to get supplies out to our troops and then we got them again and again at the Burma Border Bridge. She was a Social Science History Teacher and tells her stories well. They are always the truth and I told her again today how much i love them. The Marauder’s chance of getting back alive was only 15% peoples. low. and once they were all gone they got new troops not prisoners to take their places. Nice. Thanks Juanita Thanks. On September 25th 2015 a Friday Evening about six o’clock p.m. now here in the great pacific rain forest. kindest regards, me


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