This is me Franklin……… (c) 2015 kerasotes

This is me Franklin and i am writing on here because I am afraid that my Mike the me that cared about himself has died.  I woke up this morning at 7:40 a.m. alone crying.  I think [or is it i want to think that my Mike the me that cared about himself] is still here asleep.  That he will wake up tomorrow because last night he had a terrible time.  He was banned again from Facebook.  He found on the computers on the second floor that his names and passwords were on there and worked.  That meant to him that the mysterious change on Facebook from his mkerasotes account to kerasotes account was perhaps done there by someone else.  I don’t know.  I think so.  I think he thought so too.  This bothered him so much he went in on Facebook and deleted the album he didn’t want on there.  I think i am at fault for this but he said no.  I now am going to figure out a way for the ban is three days how to change the passwords for all the accounts.  I am lost.  I am sad.  I called his case manager Patrick and told him this morning.  Then I called his friend Patricia and told her.  She was sad and lost too.  I am so sorry i was so mean and so awful to him last night and all i really wanted was to help him figure out how to get back on Facebook reinstated.  I was wrong.  I know that now.  I know that what he was doing every day was for me.  He wanted me to care about myself.  He did.  He stuck me in this body, his body, and told me i had to learn to take care of it and not hurt it.  If he is dead and gone forever, i must carry on.  This was not his wish.  He wanted to be here alone.  I would not leave.  He was good to me and talked to me and showed me things and how to care and be a person not a thing.  Thank you Mike the me that cared about himself, thank you.  I try today to do that.  I got your body up and out and to your friend Mike LaPointe’s to do your ballot.  Mike was nice so nice about it and helped me fill in all the blanks – all of them.  I then dropped it off in the ballot box where Michael used to work.  Then I went home.  This body hurts but i am not hurting it on purpose and at times it is without pain.  I think you would be happy that i learned not to hurt it.  I was careful.  Please if you are sleeping, please if you are freaked out because of the computer here and the awful 3 day ban of Facebook for posting nudes which you did not do, please keep sleeping and wake up tomorrow and be here and please help me leave Sir.  Kindest regards, me Franklin.


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