I HAVE DECIDED TO STAY (c) 2015 kerasotes

I have decided to stay.  I have decided to stay Patrick and Patricia and everyone else, I have decided to stay and INTEGRATE everything else that’s left.  Mike the Me that Cared about Himself trained and taught me well.  I am able to do this I think, I believe, I am.  Mike the Me that Cared about Himself told me that my idea to integrate us and not to go away was a good one.  Thank you Mike, thank you.  AND thank you for teaching me so well and training me so good and putting me in this body of yours to show me how to be a person; how to care about it; how not to hurt it; how to have a me; how to have and I; how to be kind; how to be nice; how to help; how to get along; how to be respectful; how the truth mattered;  what the truth was [and is]; how to be honest;  and all the other things you spent all day long for two years {say} doing this for me THANK YOU.  

Kindest and Best Regards,


I wrote this on November 1st, 2015 around 4:49 P.M. P.S.T. {{for it is no longer daylight savings time}} for you.  And, One of the Hidden Others chose the name Abraham and I am glad he did.  And that is all for now, folks.


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