2 weeks is what I told my case worker it would take me to rid myself of all the Hidden Ones. He said I was to stay here until then. I said OK. This was yesterday around say noon. I did all the things I wanted to do plus and/or including a new photo of me for my driver’s license with my new correct address. That only cost  $10.00. I picked up everything in the pawn shops. I tried to get my phone fixed. I ate fries at 5 Guys. Plus I asked the nice guy if I could have a bag full of peanuts for my doctor’s receptionist Carol so she could feed her squirrels. Nice. I missed the bus to the mall by less than a minute butI figured it was OK because I could surprise her and catch the bus before the 30 minute wait was up. I did it. Carol loved the gift. I loved doing it and visiting with her while the doctor was out, gone to Hawaii, and so did she. I put money on my ORCA CARD; picked up my check; and cashed it. Patrick came to visit. At the mall, I had fun visiting all my people; getting my watch adjusted to standard time; buying my first pair of expensive white underwear at Abercrombie & Fitch’s; getting my free Godiva chocolate; talking with Tony the guy who left the library and works at Alderwood Mall Customer Service; picking up my samples of fragrances at my friend Miss Nordstrom’s store there; getting the new ‘I Am Loved’ pins; snacking at Macaroni’s; planning my yearly gift to Culver Military Academy my old high school with my Ben Bridge buddies; & coming home. I read my ‘SYBIL EXPOSED’ book. I listened to music on my Sony Walkman. I met and visited with new people on the buses enjoying every minute of it. Checking on my lifetime free pass to all AMC THEATRES was an added treat for I want to watch the new Bond Movie ‘SPECTRE’ with Daniel Craig. Then having told you all that, I want you to know I get tattooed for radiation therapy at 3:45 p.m. pdt today and as you don’t know, I may not live through that. Happy Thanksgiving. Kindest and Best regards, me Franklin. 5 November 2015 3:41 a.m. pst.


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