a note from me, Hell Itself………… (c) 2015 kerasotes

hello world a note from me franklin, hell itself.  i don’t want to use caps or punctuation as I’m tired and such but this mac changes things so there it is……  i’ve had a day and it has been ruff.  i have returned my stuff to the snohomish library and got to check it out again.  i like dorian gray and i got oklahoma because i really liked doris day in calamity jane and thought howard meal was in it.  he isn’t it is gordon macrae.  oh well.  and i’d like it o well.  i am doing my thinking on here tonight for it is about what am i going to do with this mess i am in and have put everything in this body so it could learn to be nice to it and not hurt it and shut up and let it hear the silence it needs {{to heal}} and reality that Michael said it needed to be in and so did Mike and so did Mike the Me that Cared about Himself and it has fought me all day long, it has fought me all day long.  i did manage to keep quiet for a time and i did it several times today.  i tried to write on Facebook but the connection is bad and i got on but something is wrong there and i couldn’t get my page up and so i post on here.  Patrick my case manager called and will call again later this week and come visit.   i made my steak and it was good and i had a couple of visits.  bev came up for coffee this morning.  i missed my lunch at the senior center because she invited me down to her place and i visited with her miracle and merlin her cats.  then all heck broke loose and i tried to stop it.  i don’t think i succeeded.  i called the phone company for a credit because my payee asked me to and they will call me back.  they could fix my phone yesterday when i went there and they had told me my tablet worked and it didn’t.  i explained all that and elysia said after we take care of fixing the phone we can talk about the credit.  what to do with “EVERYWHERE & EVERYTHING”  —- that is the you that is left.  I called it “the hidden others’  but since Mike the mike before the me mike that cared about himself said that Michael and I didn’t do this so you must talk to everything and everywhere and figure that out i guess.  i have written this wrong and i will correct it.  i am tired and my back hurts from typing.  

it is what am i going to do with this mess tomorrow and i don’t know.  i put everything in here in this body and tonight i am going to put it in bed and hope it sleeps all night long.  you know what you people get – 8 eight hours in a row.  tomorrow i will decide what i am doing with it next, tomorrow i will decide what to do.

so goodnight world, goodnight. 

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