Hi friends and world, today I am at this point. I am recording my old friend Judy Garland. Her last movie. I Could Go On Singing —– the title (c) 1963 MGM. She came to my house for the opening with friends and cast. It was the best time of my life. All agreed. She and i sailed away in our mahogany Chris Craft wooden boat a 1947 handmade one. A wedding present moment to dad. He gave it to me. It was designed for my house because we lived on the lake. What a day. I love it. The library in Snohomish got it for me again so I could record it! Nice. They are so very kind to me there. Penny thee librarian now retired and I volunteered there together. I lived up the street. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing okay, okay. 11 November 2015, Tuesday afternoon for Michael. After all, they are his memories. We all stole them from him. I can share them with you and I am going to like it. I hope you do too. Kindest and Best Regards, me Franklin.

PS: I now get to use the name. I got the driver’s license updated photo of me and the new address of Mike the Me who Cared about Himself here at fancy Broadway Plaza.


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