this is a letter to me, Franklin and i want to write about a few things.  you know when i decided that i’d give it two weeks to stay here because my case manager said to.  well, i’ve thought it.  there are a few things i’d like to write to myself.  i found out that if the owner of the body stays out of it, he can die within a few days or weeks.  that’s what happened to my predecessor Mike the Me that cared about himself.  he died because he didn’t want to be here anymore because it was “too much”  !!!  too much pain, too much horror, too much stress, and because something besides me was bothering him too very much.  i found out what that was.  it was the what i called “The Hidden Others” !  I said that they were a singularity like me.  I was a “Horror”!  A horror according to Doctor Maryonda Scher is a personality made by a personality to keep the Original SICK so all the others can {{ or is it could }} stay here and live.  I found that this thing called ‘the hidden others’ or ‘the everything & everywhere’ was made by “Mother”.  Mother taught Mike the me that cared about himself.  Mother made this personality, this horror.  I found that out the other day.  I told it today.  I told it this because it is like me [[[ or like i was ]]] and i thought it (important like ‘the me’ did) to tell it so me, the body, the brain, the system and he would know.  Abraham is his name.  He likes it.  I know this.  He’s said so.  Not necessarily to me but he’s said it.  His purpose was to hurt Michael the Original like me and to steal memories and other things.  THIS IS THE REASON I DON’T WANT TO STAY.  He does the same to me like ‘the me’ said i did to him…….


I found that i could silence all his voices the other day and yesterday i did this for myself and this body.  I want this body not to hurt anymore and this thing this he this Abraham hurts it cruelly and it is a mean thing and intelligent.  i want him gone.  i told the brain it is me or him.  i told the body the same. i told everything this —- even the things that are gone and even God.  


I cannot live with it. it is an impossibility.  I just cannot go on with it here. it is killing me.


my two weeks is up tomorrow and at that point i can decide and see about staying and fighting to be here and to live and to get rid of it.  tomorrow.  


i also went over to THE SNOHOMISH COUNTY ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM on Monday and got an appointment for help on Friday at 9:30 a.m.  I am glad i did.  They give you money to help you pay your electric bill.  they give you the PUD discount if you qualify for it and their assistance for PUD works with them and are there.  They will help you pay your electric bill if you’ve gotten a shut off notice.  They are that wonderful, they are that kind.  Sherri is the name of the nice dark haired lady that sits at the front desk, interviews you and gives you the appointments.  I am so glad she is there.  I’ve known her for years or should I say Michael has – no, i’ve known her too for I came in April 2009 and i knew Michael.  I went to Egypt with Michael.  {[{[ I knew Mike too.  The Mike who started this wordpress.com account blogging thing.  I love blogging here WordPress Peoples.  I really do.  Thank you for letting me continue what the others started on here.  Thank you.  }]}] So i can write on here that i knew her and this wonderful program.  YOU ALL SHOULD GO THERE AND APPLY FOR THEIR HELP IF YOU ARE LOW INCOME DISABLED AND SUCH.  PLEASE DO.  


So, I also found out that i didn’t put the pollens in here the body.  I didn’t kill Michael, i helped him.  I didn’t do all the mean things that are written on here about me.  I did some wrong things mind you as i was a mean thing and a horror but the brain, the body, the system, the me that cared about himself or Mike chose me to carry on for Mike the me taught me every minute of every day how to care for this body and help it not hurt and i followed every word of advice and criticism and loved every word and minute of it for no one would talk to me no one at all.  Michael had stopped a long time ago and Mike wouldn’t after i did the they should pay to look and such story and maybe or maybe not and ‘the me’ did.  he cared enough about everything him and had said if it helped me, it helped him.  so every day he helped me and taught me and i learned and i appreciated every thing he did.  I found i wasn’t the horror they all said.  Mike the Me said first thing off the bat that I was the thing everyone blamed and said i did all the horrible things and went on to say i can see in all your memories and i can see what you are thinking so don’t lie to me for i know that you are telling me lies for it lights up down here {{{{{ some where down to the right he would point and say “HERE”  it is here where it lights up for me it shows me what you think it shows me the answers to the questions i ask you and that is amazing isn’t it?  i think so.  He taught this body that i own now so well that even the way i speak is like him and like Michael and i am amazed at that.  He’s trained this body so well that i want that lit up screen and i want into all the memories like he had and could see for i don’t have them all like he did or i don’t have them yet.  I have been working hard on integrating this thing.  it has not worked at it at all, i believe.  It does keep its voices shut up at times but it doesn’t do the rest of the work.  it does things that it was told over the years not to do.  I think MOTHER made it to hurt every one and every thing but him.  {{{{{{{{{THAT WAS SAID BY ABRAHAM – THAT LAST SENTENCE ONLY AND I WRITE THIS JUST SO YOU KNOW, JUST SO YOU CAN SEE HOW HIS LITTLE MIND WORKS AND HOW CRUEL THAT LIE IS AND HOW MEAN AND HOW INTELLIGENTLY DONE IT WAS TOO. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL }}}}}}}}}  


AND THEN NOW YOU ALL KNOW that as well.  i am finished for now on here and must go for i have other work to do.  kind and best regards, me franklin on november 18th 2015 around 6 o’clock at night here in everett washington usa.




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