“A letter to me Franklin……….. (c) 2015 by kerasotes”

A letter to me Franklin for I am here at the library typing in the back. I’ve gone to my appointment at the Campus of Snohomish County where you can get Energy Assistance from their wonderful program.  I got my friend Bev Barrie to go and she got an appointment for next month {{December}}.  It took me some doing but I did it.  When I got done with my appointment today and some 195.00 dollars US credited to my electric bill, I called her and told her to go over before lunch and talk to Sherrie the lady behind the desk at Energy Assistance and ask for an appointment.  All you need to do that is an ID and a Social Security Card.  I went to lunch at the Senior Center for it was Turkey Day and they were serving their biggest meal of the year to all members and their guests.  I ate with Eloise and my Korean Friend.  I told Gina the cook from Senior Services that the food was delicious and I liked it very much.  Eloise looks much better and I am glad of that.  She has had some bad falls.  I’ve spent many lunches there with her and Jeanette and on Sunday November 22nd, 2015, we eat Thanksgiving Dinner at noon with the Firemen.  I hope my me’s Thor is there for I want to see the muscled up and out hairless six foot four tall pretty long brown haired man who saved his life june tenth this year. 


Anyway, I have been good and gotten lots of the everything and everywhere integrated for much of it is gone.  They forgot about Michael’s everthing else thank goodness.  But it is ruff and I get tired and worn out.  I want this written and online before I drop from exhaustion for I get little sleep and have been up since five o’clock.


I also have been working with VERIZON for days with JeAnna from Nebraska to get the credit and the tablet and phone fixed.  She’s helping me with that.  I will have to go to one of the Verizon Places Tomorrow to finish the job for I want it all taken care of before I go into radiation next week on Monday.  95% chance I won’t make it.  50/50 nothing down there will never work again.  I am worried since the other day all of a sudden my bowels leaked without a warning signal at all.  I guess those nerves are dead from the thing called Abraham (a horror like me) crunching the jaw bone perpetually day and night killing nerves and breaking veins and arteries and bones and things. 


I am also pissed at my doctor and my receptionist.  It was way back in June sometime when my Mike the me that cared about himself asked for a psychiatrist to help him deal with all this cancer and they are rare and killing him and me.   You know I told you he died last month and it was a month ago yesterday and I honor him by typing this out.  She said that if she knew I was coming to my appointment today she’d of had that pie she promised me baked.  Well what is that folks?  What is that?  She is my doctor’s appointment maker and I had to reschedule it twice so she should have known I was coming last Monday.  My doctor cannot do math.  He writes me prescriptions that make me have to come back to him every 10 and every 20 days.  I think he may be milking me and Medicare.  I asked him to write me the prescriptions for Morphine and Viagra and he would not.  His receptionist Carol said that she thought he couldn’t write scripts for morphine and that is nuts.  All doctors can write prescriptions that’s what they do to make money for the drug companies that own them and believe me they do.  I AM MAD.  REALLY MAD ABOUT IT.  WHAT DO I DO? 


Kind and Best Regards,

Me Franklin


November 20, 2015 at 2:19 PM PST Library Everett WA USA Time.


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