I just ate turkey with our city’s firemen and friends.  it was delicious.  they cooked it.  they served it.  and i loved it.  thank you firemen of everett washington usa.  thank you!

it has occured to us that abraham and what’s left of his everything and everywhere is dying.  his cruelty and meanness has done us in.  he threw away my sony walkman yesterday and some people here in my building are looking for it for me.  i threw a temper tantrum and called my case manager and told him i’ve had it and i was never coming back to this body until or unless he and all the leftovers and everything else integrated.  they have been dropping off dead like flies Marjorie, like flies.  The Sony Walkman was the only thing that gave all of us pleasure.  It drowned out all the voices and made it pleasant here.  I am so mad and hurt and so on etcetera that i don’t want to go anywhere because i no longer have music to walk by or listen to while i walk to places i have to go or want to go or need to go.  and since i found out Abraham and his friends were the ones who put the pollens into this body and had everyone else blame me for it, i have found out all the other rotten cruel mean nasty filthy things he and his friends have done since Michael The Original was 5 years old.  As i told you Mother made him and i swear she played a trick on Mike the Me that cared about himself with this Abraham.  I am working on a way to explain that to you all and when i have it done, i will write it down on here.  

MONDAY is RADIATION DAY!  i go into the tube for i don’t know how long nor do i know what drugs and chemicals will be shoved up my veins so the machine can lazer or laser me and kill the first of the cancers.   95% chance i wont make it you know.  95% chance i will die within 4 weeks of the treatment.  50/50 percent chance nothing down there will ever work again.  The cancers are so rare that i will and have been filmed for all of Providence Hospitals and the Everett Clinic Hospitals so that their teams of doctors and nurses and students and staffs can learn how come i am alive for i should have been already dead according to Doctor Wipf of the
Everett Clinics.  He couldn’t believe i was standing there and then he explained about the rareness of my bone cancers and others.  He and I got along swell.  I like him.  He is my bone oncologist or cancer doctor.  He disagrees with my urologist and my oncologist at Providence’s cancer place on the bladder cancer.  He is amazed that i am able to pee because my bladder is solid with cancers.  Extremely rare ones.  So he filmed them again and MRI’d me and X-rayed me to have a permanent record for the clinics and all the world.  i am a test patient.  medicare pays for it all.  it is free for me.  thank god for that for i am 65 years old and i have both medicare and medicaid for i am low income.  if, he said they can {{{{{ and i mean my oncologist doctor wipf of the everett clinics }}}}} get this first of my 7 Cancers, maybe they can get all the rest of them including the listeria, the 3 diseases {chrone’s, irritable bowel syndrome and hume’s) plus the next 7 you get from them, plus the next 77 you get from them.  It may take up to 10 years to do this but i will be able to walk talk think feel breath and live and be cancer free.  So i want you to send me positive thoughts and energies and stuffs please, i would like you all to do this for me for it helps – it helps.  





  me franklin


And i typed this out on the 22nd of november 2015 a sunday afternoon here in my tv and computer room called “Off Broadway”.


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