“A night out… copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes”

A night out with my dear friend Bev. I had a night out with my friend Bev. She wanted me to meet her friend Mike Mallory or Malloy her greek friend the bartender at China Doll the Restaurant across the street from Broadway Plaza. It is early morning 7:30 a.m. ish. So bev drug me out over to my China Doll to meet her bartender friend. He wasn’t there. But his friend Rosalyn was there with her boyfriend of 10 years. His name is Jim. He was handsome; she was pretty and I liked them and they liked me. That was nice. I had fun.


Earlier I had sent bev to the hospital to see if her hip was broken or her leg was broken or her knee was broken and I had gotten her doctors close at hand at Providence like I have. Then I got her pain doctors in Seattle 2 of the very best they had. One was at the University of Washington and the other was in Seattle on Roosevelt Way Northeast or Northwest. To help her with her pain was the reason that I did this and it took me hours and hours and hours to do well she bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched. But I did it. Molina helped me Medicaid helped me and Provider One helped me. That was nice. They even had an operator stay on the line and listen in and get her new doctor on the line or his office and schedule an appointment for her and it was in January on the 13th of 2016 at 1 p.m..


Back to my night out, we stayed there for a while I don’t know how long it was fun it was nice there was this beautiful butch muscled thing named Bryce. He was a welder and hot and what a pretty thing he was. He was hot for Roslyn’s husband for that’s what we thought. He’d muscle up as they say in Hollywood for Jim every time I looked at him. That was interesting to watch. I pointed it out to the handsome man and he noted it. He’s the kind of man I’d like to be. He’s quiet attentive intelligence handsome kind and beautiful and pretty. He didn’t say much. He listens to every conversation looking at everyone and smiling and enjoying the whole thing. So I braved it and told him I really liked it and i meant watching them and told him so. He seemed to enjoy that too. Then Michael came in and he looked familiar. So I figured that Michael the original must have met him once upon a time in Seattle for he said the name kerasotes was familiar to him. He asked me if I knew his mother Penelope and I said I didn’t think so. she’s Greek. I said ti kanis. That means hello, how are you in Greek. He said Kala.  That means Good.  We spoke Greek a little bit boring everybody there but us and have a little fun doing it. There was this other little Butch pretty thing with muscles there and i think i had the hots for him and he me.  he ordered us shots but was so drunk he was asked to pack up and leave so he died.  He also had the hots for Jim Roslyn’s husband or boyfriend of 10 years and we all commented on that too and by we I mean the Royal me 4 royal I am. The king of Greece is my first cousin and I’m A Prince of Greece, like he’s the king. we stayed there for a while I don’t know how long it was time it was nice there was this beautiful butch muscled thing named Bryce. What i finally realized was that he was gay and liked men and Jim in particular and me.  we talked for a bit and i could tell cause he balled me all the time and i him.  that means we checked each other’s parts out to see how big dicks and tits were and how nice the muscles on the bodies looked and turned us on.  I also think as I said he was hot for roslyn’s husband for that’s what we thought he was looking and and drooling over most of the time i was there.  I told Jim.  He laughed.  He understood.  That was nice and fun.  He listened to every conversation looking everyone and smiling and enjoying the whole thing. I really liked it watching his intelligence. He seemed to enjoy that too. Then Michael Bev’s Friend The Greek Bartender came in and he looked to me and said hello and welcome.  He asked me if I knew his mother Penelope and I said I didn’t think so. she’s greek. I should be colonies he said kala call of is k a l a. G connie’s not pekingese big t not daddy backed t k n I s. That means hello how are you angry. Please put the little bit boring everybody there that ass and have a little fun doing it. Delicious as a little bleach pretty soon with muscles did also had the hots for gym roslyn husband or boyfriend is 10 years and we all were coming on to each other and it bored me.

{{{{{and i we’d as a royal would for Royal I am. The the king of Greece is my first cousin and knighted me and told me i was a prince of greece as well as his first cousin on both sides of my family.  my grandmother and his grandmother are sisters.  his grandfather and my grandfather are brothers.  We chatted in classical Greek for a while and he gave me messages for his cousin Philip and his other cousin Elizabeth the Queen of England. What fun. This was at the Athens Hilton in 1962 August.}}}}}

Back to the china doll where they all worked and played and by that I mean Roselyn gym and Michael. Bev drink too much took too many pills and became a bitch by drinking too fast and too much and blaming us for all her problems with communicating for she couldn’t finish a thought let alone a sentence she was that bombed.  And I became displeased with her as it was a terrible thing to see.  She had been happy.  she was out of pain. she had been to the hospital and found she had no broken bones.  she got meds.  she sold them off for other drugs.  I know not what kind but they are power pain meds and the like. morphine she said doesn’t work on her but that is a lie for she buys them for herself as i heard her tell the me that cared about himself the very first day we met her and who she bought them from.  I won’t name him.


Anyway Michael her bartender friend got bored with her and her obsessive compulsive dictating power of over lording over me routine so much he got up and left without saying goodbye. he did come back to say goodbye to me though and to the other people but not to my friend who took me there.


Then Bev and I went over to the YNOT Tavern [[the man who built and owned it was named Tony and he named his bar ynot for tony backwards]] and she had another drink and got even bitchier and meaner and I drank a coke introduced myself to people and got away from her for it was obnoxious to me to hear her bitch and moan and complain that nobody would let her finish her sentences and no one was listening to her but her for i had stopped to go to the bathroom and came back listening to her from a far and up close and became appalled at the situation and went out to smoke, to get away, to have something else to do and see if i could even have more fun. I did.  I met a girl and a guy her trick and they were delightful not charming.  We got along great and then Bev came out and ruined it so they left to trick and I decided it was time to take her home.

Then I took her home and myself and she insisted on giving me muscle relaxers and telling me I owed her one pain pill when i did not. she owes me $35 and I told her so and she has to pay me on the 1st. and we agreed to all that and i said goodnight and sweet dreams for she was to bombed to communicate further with and i too tired from my radiation and a hard long night out with a drunk and a druggie and a dear friend who’d been happy and turned out sad and mean and drunk and too drugged.


So that was my night out last night and I’ll correct all the little mistakes later for I must be having trouble Annunciation and my little machine is keeping up with me just fine.


Patrick called me and we got to chat. I like to that I told him so. It was nice to finally talk to my case manager again and tell him what was going on. Leonard need a came to my door and wanted me to come upstairs and smoke pot with him and I told Pat and he said go. So I did. And I had fun with Leonard who is having a sex change and doing hormones and becoming a nicer person as a female. In fact we had the nicest time ever that we’ve ever had and I liked it and so did he for he told me so he did. I came back downstairs and called Patrick back up and he had asked me to and left him a message and that was that. Kind and best regards, me Franklin on my 3rd day of green laser radiation therapy at the Cancer partnership of the Everett clinic Providence building across the street from Providence Hospital where my other doctors are. Today I am to meet with my doctor brown and have some more radiation. It isn’t bad 15 minutes again. It is 15 minutes per day for 9 weeks I counted 42 sessions my doctor had told me it was 39 sessions for 8 weeks but its 42 sessions for 9 weeks all the way till January 22nd. I called Hopelink and the wonderful person they’re scheduled all my appointments for the next 3 months through the very end she was very happy to do this for me and I was extremely grateful. I told her so and told her how wonderful you most people were and that’s where that went. I can’t believe I’m scheduled for three months when they usually just schedule you for two weeks at a time but since I had my whole calendar out and every time. In slot written down for me. I had all the phone numbers fax numbers Dr numbers addresses and all the rest of that that she needed and I’m booked for the entire green laser radiation. Treatment. I guess that should be a PS 4 I’ve added on after I send my kind and best regards so that’s the thoughts and story for the day of what happened yesterday have a happy holiday season a very Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully I’ll be writing to you again soon good day. Me.


PS:  if there are anymore typos and such i will fix them later.  i did this on my tablet earlier this morning before my radiation treatment and i tried to annuciate and not repeat but it is hard when you just wake up and have lots to do and lots on your mind.


PPS:  My Doctor Brown told me that the green laser radiation treatment was to line me up and look inside.  It was X-RAYS that burned out the cancer cells and the good cells around them so there was a free area of no cancer in my organ and organs they were blasting and killing my cells again today.  i had fun there today.  i met new cancer patients and told fun stories and listened to their wise words and wisdoms and learned and enjoyed it.  i even enjoyed my me and my doctor talk after my treatment.




me franklin november 25, 2015 a wednesday afternoon (c) 2015 franklin.


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