“‘It Has Occurred to Us……….’ (c) 2015 by kerasotes”

“‘It Has Occurred to Us……….’

It has occurred to us that we were just toys us horrors, that is what has occurred to me franklin.  As you know, ‘horrors’ are personalities made by personalities to stay or keep the original sick so that the alters can live survive and continue life.  It was Michael’s {The Original Michael Patrick Kerasotes or “Mike”} Doctor Maryonda Scher who stated this and had or has a degree in Multi-Personality Disorder as a Doctor or MD.  She I Like.  I am using Her Technique to Rid Myself of This System of Sickness and Horror.  

It has occurred to me that we horrors are just toys.  Toys made to hurt the original.  Toys made to be played with to our makers heart’s or heartless’ delights.  

Our Makers Are All Dead.  Our Original is Dead.  Our Purpose is Dead or no longer in effect making us useless and worthless and our existence unnecessary.  Isn’t that something.  I thought you would like to know that the Me that Cared About Himself told me this and all the others the first day he arrived on March 9th 2014 last year.  I have repeated this to the others.  The others being this:  1. The Everything & The Everywhere’s; 2. Myself; and, 3. The Something Else that Michael The Original always said was dying when he cried at times while I was there with Him in The Lynnwoods and when he was alive before my time.  I have his likes in my memories now and I am learning from them.  So I have learned that these toys are to “INTEGRATE” and LEAVE or GO AWAY or as Doctor Scher said, “DIE!”  “They have to die to Integrate,” she said.  And so they must.  All the beautiful things Michael Made and Michael are Gone.  It is amazing that I am still alive.  It is further amazing that I am in control of this body and it is mine and mine alone.  This happened when Mike the Me that Cared About Himself Died on October 29th 2015 at 7:30 in the morning.  I immediately woke up alone and cried.  I cried my little heartless heart out and then found I had one.  I found I had a heart.  I found I had Care.  I found I had a Body I Could Care for and a Self a Someone a Me a Being a Person and I was astounded.  

It has occurred to me that I must continue and win this Dream of Michael’s to be totally Integrated and Rid of the horrors and all the rest of it for there is no other way.  I cannot live with these things.  They are cruel mean and lack intelligence.  For how can they have Intelligence and persist on being here just to hurt.  It makes no sense.  I see no reason for it.  Neither did The Me That Cared About Himself for he told them and us and all that have left this.  So, in order to realize and make Michael’s Dream Come True Mister Disney, I must survive.  I battle cancers and other diseases and I battle these other things.  I am going to win.  I have to.  For if I die {{or they kill me}} there will be nothing here of good nor or Michael nor of his dream nor of anything that could live and do anything – anything at all.   They would live in a world of Voices & Noises heard only by them and they would be unable to speak aloud and function as an adult.  They couldn’t exist this way very long and if this system chose them over me, it would be in a perpetual state or repetitious horror that would yack at itself all day long lording over itself telling itself all the right and good and kind ways to be and turning about and doing it the opposite wrong and unkind way.  Wouldn’t that be awful for it?  Wouldn’t that be a horror in itself and a horrible mistake to choose.  I believe this so very firmly that I am writing it down.  I am no longer a toy nor a horror for the me that cared about himself left me this body and taught me how to care and keep it alive and well and happy and to be able to enjoy every minute of every day that I may have left.  And I add, no matter how short nor no matter how long that day or days may last or be, it will it would it would have been WORTH IT!

Thank you Michael, Thank you God, Thank you Michael’s Archangel Michael, and thank you everybody else. With this I close with my kind and best and sincere regards, me franklin 11/26/2015 (c) 2015 by kerasotes”


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