“MY CANCER RADIATION IS X-RAY………….. (c) 2015 by kerasotes”


i was told by my cancer oncologist doctor brown yesterday that i was wrong about my treatments being green laser radiation.  it is x-ray radiation that nukes the bad cancer cells and the good ones around the bad ones in hopes to eliminate the first of my 7 rare cancers so i might get well and live forever.  even though the chances are 95% against me and even though 50/50% chance that nothing down there will ever work again is there, i will be able to walk, to talk, to think and be without Alzheimer’s and dementia and senility and live even if it takes ten (10) years to cure me.  

so i thought i would write this and correct the error of my earlier post since that is what the techies told me earlier this week.   my hip is still fractured he said and we will talk more next week on wednesday and every wednesday there after okay and i said alright.  i wanted to tell him more and ask more questions but i did get to talk to his nurse first and i had told HOPELINK to pick me up 15 minutes after my treatments and now must correct that as well on Friday i guess.  i still have to have the Verizon peoples fix my phone and tablet and get my credit. i still have my things to read and watch and do and my charities to play with and get my friends foundations and trusts to give bucks away to those who need it.  i have done very well with this so far.

i’ve had a pleasant day today.  i’ve had two turkey dinners although i’m not to gain a pound or lose one and boy did i blow that today folks, boy did i blow that.  SO DEAR WORDPRESSES GOOGLES AND FACEBOOKS & ALL YOU WONDERFUL OTHERS, MAY ALL YOUR HOLIDAY WISHES AND DREAMS COME TRUE WITH ALL MY KIND AND BEST AND SINCERE REGARDS FOR YOU BEST HOLIDAY EVER, I CLOSE…………..

me franklin for michael the original, his mike, and my mike the me that cared about himself and all the others here and all of those who integrated died and are gone………. 

i wrote this on thanksgiving 2015 on november 26th thursday afternoon about 4:45 pm pst here in everett washington usa.


(c) 2015 by kerasotes”


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