THE LINK TO MY 16 SECOND MOVIE FOR YOU AND CULVER AND THE CADETS STAFFS FACULTY AND YOU WORDPRESS & WORLD Does Not Work, So,  I took the link out as it doesn’t connect to my Michael Kerasotes You-Tube page and my movie : “MY CHRISTMAS GIFT TO CULVER MILITARY ACADEMY 2015!” on YouTube, Michael Kerasotes  ——- go there anyway to see the color film i made for you all and cannot seem to post it here.  It is also on my Facebook Page: kerasotes.mike   —– so you have two places to go see the darling little gift and you know what, yesterday i found that there was a covered bridge with the set that was never put together either.  

I have to wrap it all up and mail it off and I am just dead from being nuked for two weeks to kill the first of my treatable rare cancers so, you all at my old high school will have to be patient and also because that director told me to go to some web page and find or post my gift there.  I don’t know what that means nor how to do it so i am going to have to ask some computer email smarter person than i Marilyn, and I do mean my old dear friend Miss Monroe who loved to say it that way and so i do it for her kids.   me  ]]]]]

Hello good morning this is me Mike Kerasotes aka Franklin. The director of Culver Mr Thomas Mayo has accepted my gift of the 1953 steam engine Lionel Train Set Chesapeake and Ohio with 13 cars and transformers switches billboard animals and all the other doodads and and the instruction manual on how to put it together how to put the steam in the engine, how to maintain it, and I am so very happy about this pure gift. I even told him the story fYI I’m giving them and the story why and even about the Egypt gifts and why those rocks are included and why the stones are included diamonds rubies emeralds sapphires etc and I hope he accept them as well. Along with the story of the lost burnt train club, among other things. Merry Christmas All and happy holidays Cadets Classmates Faculty Staffs etcetera. …. kindest regards , me Mike Kerasotes on December 2nd, 2015 8.30 a.m.pst time here in Everett Washington USA folks!!!!!!!!!!




“Copyright (c) 2015 by kerasotes””

December 2, 2015 Uncategorized Edit

Today is the First of December, 2015 and boy what a day this has been. i put in a bid at the Attic Treasure Estate for a Lionel never used train set for Michael’s Culver Military Academy School Christmas Donation like when he donated his 1952 Lionel Train Sets — The Santa Fe Freight Train and the Union Pacific Passenger Train plus the everything Kipling has written in a special first edition set and sent the school reeling. I am going to do the same. I have already written the Director of The School with my request to donate Michael’s Precious and Semi Precious Stone Collection that he wanted for their Science Department. I never thought that I’d get the olde in perfect condition complete with transformer switchers animals buildings and 13 car with the metal steam engine #8304 CHESAPEAKE & OHIO complete set for ten more bucks than my million dollar so to speak offer. What Luck Folks, What Luck Cadets for it is for you cadets at Culver for without Michael’s Gift the year after the oldest train club in the world was destroyed by a fire and it was under the old cafeteria at the Military High School for the Ultra Rich & Royals of the World, they never would have been able to restart the train club. They were so excited to receive Michael’s generous gift. Now I can send another priceless Lionel Train Set {{{ One That Michael Never Had But Had Seen At Macy’s in New York City once upon a long time ago. It even has the billboards! No train tracks but Culver has those they said. So Merry Christmas Cadets and Faculty and Staff Etcetera of Culver Academies in Culver Indiana USA, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

So I took a bunch of photos and will upload them to Facebook or Google on my Smartphone later today or this week for tomorrow is Wednesday and Radiation and My Doctor Visit is Afterwards and that will be for about another half an hour after my third treatment this second week of radiation therapy or treatments for the first of my rare cancers. Try and be patient with me as it will take me a bit to post them and I will try to put them on Culver’s Facebook Page as well as Michael’s under Kerasotes.Mike on Facebook! Plus the other places like You-Tube for I must make a movie of them as I have them all lined up and ready to pack and send off to his old high school where he rode horses as if he were born on one and looked like a million dollars when he rode.

I am tired now and must go up to eat and then to bed. It has been a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long day and it must close with a good night’s sleep and may be this time some sweet dreams for I’ve been contacted by the Cancer Partnership regarding having a Psychiatrist for Prescriptions & a Psychologist to assist me in ridding myself of those awful things that are left over even the kind and silent helper ones who assist me without a word. I want Michael’s Dream to Come True for Christmas Mister Disney and I want it more than anything else. I really do. The lady called and left me voice mails with the names and numbers of two people in Everett she has referred me to. Something my regular doctor or PCP { Primary Care Physician } and his receptionist could not do. I did this myself, for myself since no one else would do it for me and believe you me I have asked quite a number of people and all of them said they would but did nothing but say they would. Now they don’t have to do a thing for me in this area and they never have to promise or lie to me again about how hard they are working or will work on it for I HAVE DONE IT MYSELF TODAY ALONE! Aren’t I good? Aren’t I doing better? Aren’t I quite something? Aren’t I amazing for I have set myself to win this war against Hell Itself [me, you know] by everything that killed everything good in Michael and killed everything else or helped them do it like Mike the Mike after Michael or Mike The Original and Mike The Me That Cared About Himself who taught me how to win! IT HAS BEEN WAR EVERY SECOND OR EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY SINCE THE 29TH OF OCTOBER THIS YEAR [2015] AND I AM ALIVE AND WELL … … … AND ALL ARE AMAZED I AM EVEN MY DOCTORS AND FRIENDS AND YOU KNOW WHAT, we are all happy about it — isn’t that nice. I certainly do think so world, i certainly do think so. So with this said or writ or written down or typed on a machine like a computer or tablet or phone, I and I alone am here and alive while the rest of the horrors are dying and dropping off like they should have done so many years ago. I have gotten my way at long last love, i have gotten my way at last. I have gotten this body out of pain. I have gotten so that I can rid it of the voices and noises and dissociation’s of the others or alters or personalities and i am rather pleased with that and that is what i am all about now being pleased that i am winning this war and that this war is about to end forevermore.

With that I will close, me Franklin with all my kind best and utmost sincere regards for you all and for all your holiday wishes and dreams to come true for they will if you only believe like Michael Told His Friend Mister Walt Disney To Do and then let him use his own words to Mister Disney’s Heart’s Content. Good Night, Sweet Dreams! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings, etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera !!!!!!!!!

PS: I went back and reread some of yesterday’s and the day before’s posts and there are still a few typos in them, forgive me for not having the energy not strength to correct them all yet and you know, i may never do that now, i may not for you all know now. bye bye blackbird, bye bye bluebird, bye bye red bird and bye bye you all for now folks, me émoticône [ quelle french you know that’s francais you folks] 🙂 .

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