this is what i wrote on facebook and i wrote something else on my google.  facebook = kerasotes.mike   and google is Mike or Michael Kerasotes.  i spoke into my phone not tablet and dictated this outloud.  it is easier than playing with ‘the typo queen’ aka ‘god’ what Michael the Original called this other personality.  It is the worst of them all.  it fuses but not integrates.  it has no self.  i have decided that within two days, i am going to teach this thing what that is, what to care is, what to be someone or somebody is, how to take care of that somebody or someone’s body and how to enjoy and live life while there is still blood flowing in me.  i have to win this battle.  i have to or this brain body system or so called personality is doomed.  it has lost all its good parts.  it has lost all its reasoning, it has lost all its good stuff.  it has lost it memories and most of its parts or what composed it of a so called personality are dead.  they all left.  they all died.  Abraham the leader died. Sidney died.  Alexander died.  Even Adam Died.  Sam Died.  That’s when i knew all it wanted to do was to make mistakes and hurt this body or itself and that is what to me is thee utmost worthless thing.  Now i have to reason with this child thing for it may have been on this planet for 60 years and run everything {or run everything into the ground for it killed the original, his Mike, Mike’s Mike and it could kill me.  }  i am not going to let it.  Mother showed Mike the Me that cared about himself how to get into other alters memories – even horrors like what i used to be.  Since Mike the me that cared about himself did this, i became a me that cared, a me that cared about myself, a me that cared about my body, a me that cared about my home and where i live, a me that cared about how to eat and feed myself good food, good stuf,f good things, make them, and enjoy them.  life is for enjoying.  not suffering.  this thing ‘god’ knows that not anymore.  all he knows is how to hurt and be in pain and I AM AGAINST THAT!.  I AM FOR MICHAEL’S DREAM.  MICHAEL’S DREAM IS TO HAVE EVERYTHING INTEGRATED SO MICHAEL WOULD BE WELL AND ALL THIS HELL WOULD BE OVER.  but since this thing blew that and everything Michael and Good is gone but me, it cannot win.  Nancy Fisher who is reading my book:  SYBIL EXPOSED and is half way through it is going to discuss it with me.  She told me to LOVE it TO DEATH.  I think that since i was told I killed with LOVE, i killed with HATE.  i killed with kindness or care, and, i killed with the lack or kindness or care, i think i just might INTEGRATE this most awful thing that everyone never really knew but me and Michael and be done with thiws in two days.  it fights me tooth and toenail and i fight it right back.  i know how to leave and can leave it here doomed.  so i am going to love it.  i am going to show it what loves is and what that means and how to love and be kind and care and then it will integrate for since it has no more purpose to be nor purpose to be here anymore since the original and all his original and alter personalities are gone and dead and integrated, it has no choice but to leave.  that will give me life and integration and maybe i can beat all these rare diseases and have the doctors cure all the cancer stuff and i can continue living and having fun doing good and perhaps even great things, I WANT THIS.  I AM GOING TO MAKE IT SO CAPTAIN KIRK, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT SO KIPLING.  I AM GOING TO MAKE IT SO KEATS.  I AM GOING TO MAKE IT SO OSCAR WILDE AND I AM GOING TO MAKE IT SO MISTER MANCKEWITZ . I AM GOING TO MAKE IT TENNESSE WILLIAMS AND I AM GOING TO MAKE IT MISTER CECIL B De Mille Sir or Sirs.  I am going to win this war.  15 december 2015 238 pmpst tuesday afternoon all written by me Mike Kerasotes aka Franklin aka HELL ITSELF!!! ———————–


See below:


Mike Kerasotes

14 hrs ·

Hello this is me Mike Kerasotes on December 14th 2015 late Monday evening. I lost what I had written earlier. It was simply this. I had gone to the Alderwood Mall to get my friend Johnny his Christmas present. I can’t tell you what it is but we all contributed for it all being me and Gary and Catherine and I don’t know whom else. I had arrived in a black hooded beaver Greta Garbo style fur coat full length wearing leather pants and a white Oscar de la Renta sweater. I looked fabulous. Everybody said so. Everybody wanted to hug and wanted to pet it. So I left them. After I picked up Johnny’s present and had it gift wrapped in red and white candy striped wrapping paper with a big white bow that cost me extra bucks that went for charity for some school I don’t know but as long as it was for charity I didn’t mind paying like 10 bucks to have is it a present wrapped. On my way out I stopped to see the manager of customer service a lady named Tony. Its Toni. She’s wonderful I’ve known her for years she and the Tony from the library who quit the library to work at the mall for three times the amount of money he made at the library are my friends there in customer service. Yesterday I going to the mall to see Verizon to have them fix my phone and tablet. I took the instructions to the real Verizon people gave me. That would be like Steve from Phoenix Arizona. It would be from Deana the nice lady from Nebraska. And the nice Tech from Illinois. It was all written out on what they were to do. The new tech who was filling in for somebody had initials of MJ. He was a bitch he was mean to me he was awful he wouldn’t follow the directions I asked him to do politely and then turned and told Erik Buxton one of the sales reps there how awful I was and how awful I treated him I nearly threw up blood then. I did on the way out. It was lucky I had several Kleenexes in which to cough to vomit blood out. So I went up to customer service and lodged a complaint. It was awful. I told the text I mean the assistance at the customer service desk at the Alderwood Mall what happened. They wrote it all down. That she lodge the complaint for me formally. Then she said you look beautiful can I have a hug I just want to feel the pretty beaver coat and so I let her. I had to go catch my bus home. So I did. I got home I found Gary I gave him Johnny’s present and he was delighted out of his mind I guess you could say. It was fabulous he said all wrapped up special how much did that cost you. It cost a lot I said it was specially wrapped for charity and I didn’t mind paying the extra bucks I hope you don’t mind there’s like two bucks left over do you want it and he said no. So I turned and laughed as he closed the door went down to my room up to my elevator and into my home made myself dinner took all my medicines on time and looked at the presents I bought myself for I got myself something while I was there. What I got was a sweatsuit from Abercrombie and Fitch New York. I got the white sweatshirt that said Abercrombie and Fitch New York 1892. I got the dark blue Abercrombie and Fitch that said Abercrombie and Fitch down the left side 1892. And I got the special black Abercrombie and Fitch underwear that I had really wanted. All of it on sale at least half price off some 60% off. I spent less than $90. I calculated the whole thing must have cost 300 bucks that means I save $200 and 10. It was fun I was so glad to have had my check had enough money to buy myself something for my Cancer partnership Radiation in the morning and to show the kids what I bought myself for Christmas so they can radiate me everyday and cure me of the first and the Seven rare cancers and we could all laugh and have fun and joke about how dumb I was spending my money on an outfit that I had to have taken off of me by whom ever man or and or women and everybody is always so very nice to me there. I’m lost several commendations to two of the guys and one to the girl Tech. And I found a four leaf cover at my feet like Michael would say and decided that that was the only way I could outdo the other commendations I had given everybody else and gave it to the reception area all the Receptionist at the Oncology reception area at the Cancer partnership providence Everett and whatever else clinics they are there. And I did them in. I wrote him a note and said if you’re in a field of clover and you’re looking for a gift for someone for luck the cover should be over there and I pointed to the right. Michael said no no no it should be right there at your feet if its for luck and its for somebody else. So I look down and est voila lot there it was. And I picked it. Michael always said that if you pick a four leaf clover pick it about an inch down leave about an inch at the bottom and more the four leaf clovers will grow. So now you know how to pick four leaf clovers for luck and give them away and have others grow when you need another one to give away. At the Cancer partnership the people are going nuts it’s taken 3 days and they had to send the clover upstairs to the director of the place to find out where they can hang it. I told them it was for everybody even the people who weren’t there today all of them as if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have had a doctor there or know where to go or been accepted nor known what to do there know anything about the place where they were the first people to explain to me how to get enrolled in their program and you have to apply for it and you have to have all your doctors agreed to it and I did it, and they did it for me. And that’s that little story. So I made myself dinner taken all my pills even the ones for pain the ones for the new infection that the Radiation is done to my insides down there worn myself out, and I’m trying to get ready to go to bed. I can’t have hot chocolate in till after 11 o’clock. 2 hours after you take the antibiotic you can have dairy products. Well its about that time I think I’ll make myself some of that Steven’s wonderful white chocolate white hot chocolate that is or hot white chocolate is so delicious and you can only get the big cans at the qfc on Broadway in Everett. I’ve had a day. It started out with me vomiting blood and ended up with me being not sick but very very very very tired. Remember this is my fourth week of Radiation + 95% chance against me that when they turn on the machine and go in for four, it will incinerate me. So I’ve been scared to death. Nervous as hell. Worried beyond belief. Frightened. And gotten over it. So here it is 11:09 o’clock p.m. at night Monday evening and Hell itself is tired. Remember everybody called me hell itself. I want to wish all of you happy holidays and may all of your wonderful holiday wishes come true and may all of your dreams be sweet for this Christmas season Hanukkah season and whatever other holiday season it is even those pagan wins as my mother would say Marjorie. Good night. God bless. Thank you Michael god. Thank you Michael’s Archangel Michael. And thank you Michael and thank you me that cared about himself so much. And then thank all of you I do my friends the people that follow me and all the rest of you on facebook including shirley from ICU two and Elena Salvatori from wiki London special Christmas greetings and happy Holidays to each of you too. And just a note it was sunny today when it was supposed to rain and I loved it it was special for me special. Goodnight again sweet dreams, me.


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