“no matter what is written, it goes like this….”

“no matter what is written, it goes like this….”


“no matter what is written, it goes like this….

i have left the body never to return until these things called ”god” go away, leave forever, or what i call “INTEGRATE” !!!!!!!!!  Mike the me taught me how to do this and if they don’t do it and i die, they are doomed.   

i don’t want them doomed.  i don’t want them to hear how awful they were nor what they did nor how they did it nor to whom nor when they did this.  we had this all our life.  no there is nothing there to do it do and i insist they do not do this for this is the only way now for them to integrate.  

in this body they will stay.  they will feel it.  they will feel what it is to take care for it.   they will know when it hurts and until they stop it from hurting by being here, that is when they learn that they must ‘integrate’ and die and leave for they loved Michael once upon a time and protected him and he told them this and that if they did this on their own, they just may or might get to Heaven.  they just might get to talk to God.  they just might get to apologize to Him.  They Might all MEET in HEAVEN and be friends and tell each other stories………………

so that is it and they will learn and they will learn this fast for i cannot last much longer if they don’t make it right captain kirk, my captain, o captain, my captain…..     12.19..2015  about nice thirty p.m. pacific standard time here in the great pacific northwest at the Broadway Plaza.  

and PS:  this i typed out myself and did not use the speaker.  there are errors in my earlier pieces and some of the meaning might not be clear and i evidently wrote or talked a lot and there is a lot of correcting to do and i may never get to it.  i may never feel like going into the last two pieces and correcting the mistakes.  And one of them was this one of them was this: I enjoyed being, Michael’s Mother:  I was his mother, The Wicked Witch of The West!  I was Marjorie.  I was Marge.  I was Margie.  I WAS EVEN GEORGE OR GEORGIE!!!  I WAS !!!!!!!!!                      

I was MRS. KERASOTES. I was Mrs. George Kerasotes and i was a nightmare to all these others that hated Michael….. I was his mother and she’d been dead for two years and I played her better than anyone ever her.  i could get this body to stop and freeze in its tracts and turn around and look at where ( and it was usually behind him or whom or whatever ) and get it to turn and stand there looking for me in fear.  

So this thing called ”god” can’t lord it over me or rule over me or this whole thing is DOOMED and they know it, they know it Michael {{{ and something in it has been dying since 8:22 a.m. this morning and i don’t know what it is but their voices are almost gone and going away and it is dying. }}} and,

i want to live.

and one more thing……….

that’s how i was.  i don’t miss my voices any more.  i don’t.  good night.”


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