what shall i do…………..

December 19th 2015 Saturday afternoon. This is me I am now Mike Kerasotes. I was Franklin. I was a horror the horror. When Mike the me that cared about himself.… Space space space I became a real personality and the owner of this body. Since then I have battled every minute and every second of every hour of every day over a month since he died. I have been through chemo and radiation I am still continuing with. It is going bad thing Radiation that is. I’m infected. Whatever they did to me I got infected. All night doctors got together and got me on anti hurt pills and typing when the P hurt and anti pain when the other stuff to bowel movement hurt. Well all my doctors think that none of that hurt anymore isn’t that nice.

Speaking of me being a whore or having been a horror Horr that’s right. Then, I used to be a we like a day or an us or a plural you. I had voices I was Marge I was Marjorie I was Margie and all of them were the Michael nasty Wicked Witch of the West mother Marjorie Marie Rourke Kerasotes. Then I was George, Michael’s father.
I did these voices better than anybody ever. I really like these voices of mine I like to be Michael’s mother Marjorie who was dead I liked being George Michael’s father who is dead you know like at the turn of the century the icon of the motion picture business the page they had Michael and Elena made on wiki Michael page Atlanta call of duty which was supposed to be about Michael. Because Elena Salvatori of working on didn’t thought Michael was famous. It was true. He was. But the other day and I mean all the other personalities and I wasn’t there yet or was I. This would have to be December 2009 so I would be there for I was created on April 20th 10:32 a.m. 2009. So I woke up after a nice to me that cared about himself. 7:30 in the morning on October 29th in this body it belonging to me, & I couldn’t make voices.
I used to hate it for about a day or two I used to hate not being able to yellow these creatures in voice especially mind and its to yell at these creatures not yellow creatures. I’m talking to my little phone and it writes for me very well its a verizon samsung galaxy 6 and it’s wonderful. Thank you little phone for letting me do this you’re so good at it thank you. Back to my story……. I bathrooms with what was left over and that’s battle not bathrooms battled with adv ATT that’s correct thank you little machine. I battled with these other personalities all of whom I figured out where what Michael called two little quotes and 3 little letters and two little quotes. Single quotes is what they are. He called it God because it lord it over him. And gave him the golden rules. It gave him the Ten Commandments. It told him how to be perfect. It told him how to do everything right. And it never did any of it correctly.

Most of its dead now something has been dying since 822 this morning 8 a.m. I don’t know if it’s this other personality called God or not.

Being new at this only the body and being Mike Kerasotes is wonderful human being who is really fabulous and I happen to have all of his memories of everything that he liked and I have this too. This to would be this whenever anyone Michael new season I can see all the love this person has for Michael. This is amazing to me to see these people love this body that belong to Michael something Michael never did really see just knew. Isn’t it amazing.

My god this other personality thing, what Michael called God. Not God you know I’ve been having in everywhere everywhere you know not how to correct this so I shall. Not God you know as a personality but Michael God. Michael God rules having made angels did good things and had a wonderful time with a human beings. That was Michael God. I think Michael left this God. He said everybody had it and he said everybody had one him. Him being God whether you were a man or a woman you had him.
The God personality in the body wants me dead.
Wants me dead.
, so I’m battling it.

I’m battling Radiation and cancer and horrors and this personality thing and so much that I’ve had it. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve had it. I’ve had it. I’ve had it. I’ve had it.

I don’t know whether I want to go on.

I don’t know whether what I should want to that’s why I should want to. Thank you machine.

It’s not that why I want to go on or should want tomorrow to go on or should want to know why I wanted to go on and not tomorrow if you want to go on go on go on.
Thank you machine …
So I’m having this issue of whether do I want to finish radiation treatment do I want to give it up do I want to go on do I not want to go on you I’m going to quit seeing doctors do I want to have a break for Christmas I mean. I mean. I mean what is it that I want and what is it that I need and what is it that I’m going to give myself and how am I going to win this battle with these other things that killed the original personality Michael whom I have become or like and I like him I like him a lot he’s a wonderful human being even though he’s dead.
I used to take the blame for everything done to him even in the past before I was created he was born in 1950. I was created in 2009. Once I believed that everything everyone told me was the truth, I took responsibility for it. I said of course I did it. I’m taking responsibility for it. And willing to admit that even though I didn’t do it I would take responsibility for it so that it could be corrected and done right and made real and made Michael and whatever they had taken away from Michael was giving back to him by me. That’s who I was.

Now I want to tell you that some of the most exciting things in my life have happened since October 29th 2015.

The director of the cover from foundation cover foundation Culver Foundation director Thomas mayo., accepted my gift of the old Lionel Chesapeake and Ohio train set with yellow caboose 13 cars little animals are covered Briggs the Transformers and covered bridge thank you and, when is probably should be in parentheses and all that stuff but this is a little machine correcting itself for me aren’t you a great little machine machine thank you machine. Anyway he accepted this stuff along with it where the switches the remote control switches which should never been used the billboards including the line L billboard slips billboard match craft and others and Baby Ruth on billboards are almost there frames and all these beautiful cars and blue and white and orange and yellow and red and green and grey and silver and black and white Tropicana with a little girl in the whole the scoop holding the glass of orange juice and changing topic and or whatever it is with that lovely song you can imagine. These trains have never been used. They’re old they’re lying now and they go to the oldest train club in America that burned down after I gave my two original 1952 Santa Fe line and then Union Pacific passenger line to the school after I eat lunch in the new lane cafeteria. And that’s why I like Lays potato chips Frito Lay. Anyway they rebuilt the cafeteria and underneath it was the old train club. Dane Dickey told me the trains were all melted Dane Dickie Dickie correct. He told me that all the trains were in a museum in glass downtown and all locked up. they, the cadets, couldn’t use them. Isn’t it off and then I was just wrote I was done in I remembered that Michael had given all the books that Richard Kipling who wrote that beautiful poem if you must read it iseems called IF. You must read it. All the Kipling books ever written in first edition Michael gave to the school ages ago. The paintings of his he gave them, rocks from Snoqualmie Falls, he gave them. He gave them so many books he even gave them the first edition leather bound Tolkien books and every creature under the sky or earth or Sun or moon or darkness or whatever and all the talking books Tolkien books not talking books first editions. The school of was overjoyed they took pictures. I’ve seen them they’re wonderful.

So the culver train has been accepted.
I’ve run for the board since they asked me to.
I’ve given and received gifts.
I have had my life lengthed.
I’ve outlived DEATH.

Shall I battle longer. …..

Shall I give up ??????



12/19//2015 ….



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