The story of my life by Franklin.

Mike kerasotes, this is who I am now. I was Franklin. I used to make voices adult voices. For Marjorie and George Michael’s parents. It is not for Marjorie it is my voices were Marjorie and George Michael’s parents. I don’t make them anymore. I can’t. It is because the body belongs to me now. When Mike the me that cared about himself died on October 28th at 7:30 in the morning 2015, I inherited his body. From that moment on this body has belongs to me. I have taken it to cancer chemotherapy. I have taken it to cancer radiation. I have donated trains which will arrive to Culver Military Academy today. And I have done a million other things that I am proud of. I am winning the battle against the other personalities. There aren’t much of them left. In fact there are hardly any of them intact at all left. Maybe one is intact maybe. It is a helper. The rest of them are horrors. Horrors our personalities made by other personalities to hurt the original personality and keep him sick so they can live. I used to be a horror I am no longer one. That is the story of my life.


Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone and may all your holiday wishes and all your sugar plum dreams come true or be granted. With my kindest and bestest and at most sincerest regards me.


December 22nd 2015 Tuesday afternoon about 1 o’clock p.m.


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