dear all: i am having great distress in week 5 of cancer radiation and am having great pain. i am wondering if it is worth it after reading all the stuff in my cancer book they gave me and am meeting with my doctors. That’s why i haven’t been writing much on here. i wonder if the machine is going to kill me before it cures me and since the pain is so intolerable and my doctor doesn’t believe in pain medicine, i did what my radiation oncologist told me to do — i called my bone oncologist doctor and told his person what doctor brown said that i should be on morphine and halcyon (halcyon was what my bone doctor recommended for sleep and to fax that information over to my pcp or family doctor today and if he needed to please to call doctor aaron brown at the cancer partnership but he said that if doctor brown said so he would do it for me. i was very grateful. i see my doctor boorish on monday at 2:30 and will hopefully have all my prescriptions ready for me and by the by hope link is taking me this time – a first for me – and my dear receptionist carol is making me a cheesecake since i told her my doctor brown said he didn’t care what i ate but that i am doing well but that was last week the week the pain began and now even on the antibiotic i am hurting so bad i had to write it out here and let you all know that i don’t know if it is worth it – going to radiation for it is killing me i think. as you know last week was 95% chance against me and i have past that 7th death sentence. i am worried i won’t make it to christmas and just thought you all should know. my christmas gift of the train set went to Culver Academies yesterday and i got an email from the old director of the culver fund that Col. Payson would be proud. it was a nice unexpected letter or email. i sent it to the new director who accepted my christmas gift. that made me happy and i felt good for a bit. now i am back in pain and don’t i am going to post this on my kerasotes wordpress page and google. take care. happy holidays and most of all have fun and enjoy every day you can folks, me 12/23//2015


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