NEW PLAN FOR LIFE & NEXT YEAR………. (c) by kerasotes

I who was Franklin and am now Mike Kerasotes, because that is what Michael Patrick Kerasotes, the Host or The Original Personality and my friend along with Mike The Me That Cared About Himself, told me to do and be and use when he was gone and it was at the end and i was left alone battling ‘the system’!  That is where I am.  

I am battling what is left of ‘the system’ that is dying. For now it is getting easier.  It was hard as hell at first. And now that I have found out everything I didn’t know and have put it all into place correctly and everything I did know about it. What I learned myself alone. What I was taught by Michael. What I was taught by his Mike The Me That Cared About Himself {{{{{ the only two personalities to talk to and with me and care to take the time to help me learn to be someone who could care about himself and be a me and an I and be someone. And I have done that.  I  am a become some one who does care about himself and his body and now i know and have figured out and what it is and what i must do to complete Michael’s Dream. for the system went bad and must go.

Who What When Where Why & How and ‘the system’ who was a helper and went bad and became THEE ENEMY ((or The Original Fuck You)) Michael always referred to and hated and said was keeping him sick and not well and he wanted it gone.  He wanted it dead.  He wanted it to leave him alone.  He wanted it Integrated.  He wanted it over and done with and him left here in his beautiful world alone and I have almost made his dream of this come true.  I have just a little bit more work to do folks, just a little bit more and then we will see if it happens and I get Michael’s Dream To Really Come True. So I worked and I worked and I worked and now my work is paying off.  I want it over with.  I want it done for ……..

I figured it out last night and put in place all the memories and learned how it ((( ”THE SYSTEM” ))) operated, killed, punished, hated,  maimed, and, destroyed Michael, Mike, Mike the Me that Cared about Himself, and everything else but me.  For me and Michael were the only two things that knew about it and Michael and I talked about it a lot many times in many places in many wheres and homes of his.  Even out on his walks in the Country would he talk to me about it and tell me how to battle it at the end, long after everything else was dead, integrated or gone.  So, that’s where I am Patrick, that’s where I am Patricia, that’s where I am WordPress, that’s where I am Facebook, that’s where I am Google, and, that’s where I am World and this includes my Chuck, my Krystyna, my Miss Morgan, my Self, and my only other friend, Catherine my neighbor who helps me with things like this and other stuff and of course my other dear friends like Kathy Kelso and Beverly Ann and those unnamed folks that I am lucky that Michael knew and kept as friends.  

So now all that remains for me to do is fight it tooth and toenail on a 24 hour basis, even asleep as Mike the Me that Cared About Himself & Michael taught me to do.


And so with all my most kind, my most dear, my most best, my most utmost, and, my most sincerest regards for you, my Michael, and even for your friend & your dear lifetime companion, Mister Walt Disney and all that you two believed in once upon a time, a long, long time ago,



12/27//2015 Sunday Nite at 9:09 p.m. pst, my time.

Copyright (c) 2015 by me, kerasotes


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