happy first day of the year word press……. (c) by kerasotes

happy first day of the year word press……


i had a nice last day of the year dear wordpress folks.  i did.  i had a good time.  i did.  i got invited to parties to eat and to go out and drink and have fun. i did that.  i did.  i was glad to be alive.  i was glad to be alive.  i ate pizza here at the broadway plaza between 8 and 9 45 p.m. i went out to the ynot tavern and met beverly ann for drinks and fun and saw my old friend Elena from the vintage restaurant where i used to eat and then lived above.  we had wondered about her and why she never called back.  we missed her.  when she saw me there she came and called me PRINCESS and i liked it.  i did.  she explained everything and that was fine.  we enjoyed each other.  we did.  we found out she likes our president in the wheel chair named gary short hair in the wheel chair and his good friend gary long hair the indian in the wheel chair were there and elena likes gary short hair and i liked that.  she really likes him and i think she is dating him now wordpress, i do.  so there.  


i met a bunch of people.  

people bought me drinks

and gave me compliments

on my Abercrombie & Fitch $375.00 Outfit i got for Radition on sale for half or more off and they loved.  

Jim took my picture here and maybe it will be on the view tv for a few days.  ho ho ho.  

i played i want to suck your little dick game and liked and so did they.  

i touched hot muscly men who stared at me

and were very pretty and i like and told the bartender [- i missed his answer.]  

oh well , it was hot.  

i told them my story

{{{   you know, 7 death sentences alone last year.  7 rare cancers.  i get to have my little life saved, i get to be out of pain and get a new family pcp doctor , my dr. brown wants me to fire my old so he’s thinking where i should go for a new family pcp doctor like at a clinic like he suggests. he’s working on all that for me. he is.  isn’t that nice?  i think so.  }}} 

they were kind and impressed and nice to me , i liked that

and told brandon the bar tender he liked it too.  

i told elena and gary and gary and brandon and butch the cook all happy how nice and, thank you for the nice time.  

i did it to gary again today

and had fun doing it he told me thank you but i didn’t need to do that any more or something.  

anyway, wordpress, anyway, i am wishing you all a happy first day of the year.  


i’m tired but still glad to be fighting all this stuff and the cancer and such and have a doctor who wants to and can save my little life.  

so i am thankful dear god, thankful, michael,

thankful, mike,

thankful, me,

thank full all you who left, 

thankful like we used to do wordpress, like we used to do.  


1/1/16 friday night at 543 p.m.  ok (c) by kerasotes   .


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