“”Good Kills Evil Today Folks, by Franklin the Good” “Copyright (c) 2016 kerasotes””

“”Good Kills Evil Today Folks, by Franklin the Good” “Copyright (c) 2016 kerasotes””

i’ve had two days off radiation. i feel horrible. five days in a row last week being radiated and lasered and true beamed is hard. it wears you out. it tires you. you battle the evil that killed my michael and, so, that Good is me now and i can Live, Survive and Make Michael’s Dream Come TrueTOTAL INTEGRATIONNO ONE ELSE HERE BUT ME !
from me, your franklin, your new mike kerasotes, 3017 lombard ave 603w, everett. wa. USA America 98201 BROADWAY PLAZA, Broadway & Pacific Avenues or Streets, here where i live on the streets of my home i live and i play in and on and through and with on the streets where i live and i sing and i’m good at it i say and so say the other real friends and people i know here and like…. me 1/17//2016 sunday 1:25 p.m. ps: and so i feel horrible. i fell and lost my love. i lost my love my life my will my me that wants to live and be well and happy and good and true and kind and never ever worry about EVIL again. never do i good want to worry about evil ‘the you” in the system that kills killed and can kill no more because of me and i have to battle evil alone and kill it for i am the only good here powerful, battling evil all by my self & so powerfully folks w/my:


resourceful enough self and me

my “i” is philanthropic beyond belief
{{{ and have letters saying so framed }}}

my kindness
my generosity
my knowledge

my ability teach and to teach

learn  & to learn


and clinical explain

and relate

all memories








and others

and the you

that nobody really understood until me and that all…


so i battle and i hate it and i hurt and it hurts me to battle and bate the evil here that is left after everything else and every where else and god and his system and you left or died or was killed and just one part of that piece is left of that and that one little piece is called phillip and he was what Michael Called Cruetly and that Cruelty Would Kill Him and it did. so for me and for michael i am killing my opposite and michael’s evil – named cruelty by michael and evil he is that philly, that phillip, that cruelty that evil – him not me. him i will kill for michael. i will kill him and punish him every second of the day he stays and doesn’t leave or integrate or go for i no longer need him integrated. i just need him dead.

the fact that i have the memories


i alone wanted this body.

i wanted it to make it well.

i wanted it after michael said it would kill and kill him it did and i’m killing it and i’m almost done because franklin is whole and the fracture is not and is being destroyed piece by piece, part by part, bit by bit, memory by memory, voice by voice,.  

For i of course was blamed for it all


i am the opposite of this evil, this horror, and, i am its equal and better and it knows it and they all knew that i was going to win and get rid of them if they didn’t leave and i have and i have just one little bit left to kill. just one little bit. it is a part of phillip fragment of god the system the you mother and dad and he was a helper turned horror and never should have merged with them as HE said and he was a personality older that us and mother and dad. i know knew him, he’s dead. but he helped and believed in phillip and wanted him on his side and team against mother the i who created him


phillip or philly


that was his undoing for he remained 5 years old for 60 years and some. okay, i am at the end and will survive remain be whole make the dream reality and i am doing it so well these days, all are pleased with me as i, as i am pleased with me king, with me michael, with me, just me, little ole me who is doing all this and winning and will have won it all for me and for you michael, me franklin

. all are pleased with me.

even my doctors and nurses and technicians and staffs who are saving my little life you know even ones like my case worker and his nurse and team and staffs at sunrise services like mine at the cancer partnership, everett clinics, providence hospitals, oncologies and gists and labs and medicare and medicaid and dshs and hope link and eva and hasco and my old school culver and siu, and my libraries, my kelsos the meat people of snohomish, miss franz of franz bakeries in oregon and patricia clarke my michael’s dear half sister, and you.

thank you.

kindest regards,


1/17///2016 Sunday Afternoon (c) 2016 by kerasotes 1:40 p.m.


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