franklin’s thoughts for the day 22 jan 2016…. (c) 2016 kerasotes

hello world wordpress et all  ……  

2 more treatments and no more hormones and a doctor to prescribe morphine and all the other stuff i am supposed to have and have needed because my lousy pcp family doctor says he can’t write such things and he’s nuts and his receptionist retired and all because of the cruelty of him to me and perhaps a few other of his patients.  my doctor brown lied to me and i called him on it last wednesday and he has to call brown and my doctor tyler wipf my bone oncologist and the nuclear medicine tech lady who said i have 7 cancers and took pictures with her fancy machine and wrote notes no body pays attention to but tyler and me and her evidently, and my case manager and his nurse practitioner and such and find me a doctor who can give me the things he says i need but says he can’t prescribe…….  nuts….. so i threw a fit and refused to come in yesterday while i nearly bled to death for a week and finally got that to stop.  so now every knows i am serious and mean business and it took a fit and temper tantrum to get my way and to get them to understand and do something about all this cruelty and ignorance and meanness i’ve been going through from all my doctors….. and so the social worker of the cancer partnership called me today but not my patrick nor any of my doctors, but i did get to see my dr brown’s nurse kim and tell her the story and stuff and she’ll pass that on and we will see won’t we — and phillip it is supposed to be — I WILL SEE !!!   

culver accepted my gift of precious stones and stuff

i got them their precious invitation for my old culver classmate and lifetime friend now dead and they are grateful and so am i. and all in my friend’s name – jim widener ray – not mine and boy did they love that even though they have to wait till september to get their first gift/grant from my friend’s foundation to help their band, their woodcraft camp and school and their chair they want endowed for 2 million buck united states dollars.

i played the three kings for christmas and gave and gave and gave.

me and phillip have come to an understanding that he is to integrate perhaps today and if not by 8 o’clock tonight then damn it tomorrow.  although it would be better or best if it were now instead of later.  he’s has to go so i can live or i will die and he’ll die too.  so that is that folks and that’s about all for now.  


kindest regards,





One thought on “franklin’s thoughts for the day 22 jan 2016…. (c) 2016 kerasotes

  1. Well, I don’t know what to say about the latest news about Franklin and Phillip. Great that you only have 2 more treatments left. Congratulations!!!


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