Patrick Dearest Sir …. Progress Report Jan 24, 2016 by franklin (c) 2016 by kerasotes

my dearest patrick,  

this is i franklin, the last mike kerasotes.

i am winning the battle of good vs evil – me and phillip

and i wanted you to know that it has been hell.  i have never fought so hard for something – done so many something wonderful things, learned so many wonderful things and hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt and wanted to give up and go so very bad and said NO.  No. No. no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

i am to call on monday the providence hospital clinic numbers for a new pcp and the other number justine gave me for a dentist.  i told her that dr. brown had ordered this and the medicines i was to be proscribed and that she was to confer with all and had permission as all do to speak to one another or all of you and all of my doctors and me ….

so i am still bleeding a little.  i am still having the hardest and easiest of times unlike phillip who seems completely unable to feel happy and understand what it is not to hurt and that instead of staying that it is better to leave to integrate – instead rather than to be an idiot and help (but that help that hurt’s and who needs that) some times it is better to be smart nice and leave like promised than to fight and lose and end up dead and not having done what my Michael had asked us all to please do this on your own that way you may have done something Good and that way MAYBE God would let you into Heaven.  So Good Conquors Evil with the flaming sword of truth that is thrust through the heart and the breast of Evil and Malevolence and Cruelty Hate Hurt Harm Horror and Hell.  So Hell Itself, me, franklin, the Last Mike Kerasotes for no one can exist beyond me nor during me from this point on and the multi-personality system and its god and its golden rules and its ten commandments and its you and its others and its he and its i and its him and no me no michael no reality but i have that reality michael told us to live in all the time for it was the best better than that of looney land and so i am the last Mike Kerasotes for I shall survive this last fractured fracture of a fragmented fracture of a set of personalities that broke apart and numbered over 50 and all have died either by my hand or doing or by Michael’s and Mike’s and Mike the Me before Me and those who were killed by what’s left of that system that killed michael like phillip are being turned into nothing like michael wanted – no heaven no hell for them no nothing for them not even dust.  and that’s what i’m doing with phillip patrick while i battle the cancers and the doctors for my very life.  

i should like to hear back from you on this piece sir, i would.  kindest regards, me 1/24/2016 sunday night five o’clock in the evening ………………………………….. m 



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