January 27th’s Update Folks……………

i bagged some of the rocks and crystals for my 3rd donation christmas gift to culver military academy and found that perhaps the silver piece is arsenic which is on wikipedia and i shared that page with somewhere earlier – perhaps even on here. i am tired and hurt and bleeding still. no doctor nor doctors nor nurses have called me nor my case manager etc. but i am trying to finish my gift by labeling all the stones and things. i started but got tired and came out for a break. i have done some exploring with my gemologist friend on that silver heavy metal rock – it isn’t silver or gold or platinum but Bev and her brother are giving me chunks of those for Culver and that will be in Spring when the mines or claims thaw out from the ice of the winter in the Montanas and such. i am hurting and sad and sore and so i will close. have a good night all. sweet dreams n such. kind regards, me 1/27/2016


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