Pity Patrick Moll-Nevins

dear patrick moll-nevins, i know you are on Facebook even though you said you were not. i know you read my stuff here because you have commented on it. you commented when i didn’t write it and said you were the only moll-nevins on Facebook. you made a mistake not friending me like you said you would do in April 2014. so, monday when i call up sunrise services, i will tell them what you have not done. you have not called me since january 3rd this year and you never really did care about me. pity. mike said you were cruel and mean. he was right. that is not fair. you are supposed to be my case manager and you do not care enough to call me. well, i do not know what they will do to you, but i am calling on monday to report you. february 6th 2016 at 6:30 pm. 


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