a note

by the way i passed my inspection today, kayla said. she is having willie fragrance bomb my place next week and then will re-inspect. she said it looks great, meaning my home. she said it looked very neat and clean. she said the smell of smoke still lingered so they would like it to smell nice for me and that takes four hours to do. isn’t that nice folks, isn’t that nice. i thought so and am grateful and thankful and although i hurt and am in terrible pain and bleeding still and losing the battle to survive because phillip or cruelty as michael called him won’t shut up and stop voicing or using voices and deliberately forces his way in to hurt this body as usual, i am letting him kill us for me said the bugs that he and his creator (mother the i) put in here hate the voices and not to use them and he stopped in january and i did in march last year. but the others (who are gone did not). once me the mike before me died, i got the others to stop using them except for phillip. he promised and since he broke his words his friends and family left in december 2015. he’s killing us and on purpose and i hope he hurries up.

that’s my little note for now.

thank you all for every day i’ve had and all your kindnesses and gifts and stuffs. me


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