Blue Tooth Mouse, can’t make it work Best Buy so I guess it is off to Alderwood after my check comes and i cash it…………….

Blue Tooth Mouse, can’t make it work Best Buy

So I guess it is off to Alderwood after my check comes and i cash it…………….  

They left it on and the batteries don’t seem to work.  i put in new ones and they don’t work, so i don’t know how to operate it and start it up and back to Verizon at Alderwood Mall because the kiosk at Everett Mall left and closed up the other day without warning according to the nice ladies at the guest services.  They didn’t know why they left. Pity, Michael, Pity!

As i said, i passed the inspections, got my new approvals for Broadway Plaza and Section 8 of HASCO, and told them all about the wanting to move to The Vintage Apartments because of the pool, the Jacuzzi and all their TV Rooms and the hummingbirds and how i want to be on the ground floor with their hummingbirds.  And if i got it wrong and only told my lady at Hasco, i’ve already told everyone else about it or Mike The Me Did.  Gads that took hours to get all that done as i said.  Today will be the same but i want to go around 3 p.m. for happy hour cocktails and dinner.  i like Macaroni’s and i think i’ll hit it twice.  I don’t know how much money i will get but, it will be enough to buy Michael’s Godiva Chocolates like $20 worth.  I like them.  I know which ones I want and I will get them and get a free one or two or three next time or next month as i have already had my free ones.  Then i want to hit Abercrombie’s for the next thing or things i want there for it is 25% off for Valentine’s day, a sale.  

I love to shop.  i love to buy.  i love to have new things on sale for half the cost and A&F has all the things i want and like and i look good in them. i guess i’ll have to change into the outfit i wore last night to show them how good it all looks and wear my Greta Garbo hooded full length beaver fur.  Everyone looks at me and some compliment me and i like that.  Especially when hot straight beautiful men ball me in it and say how nice i look and how great the coat looks on me.  So there WordPress, so there.  

See you later with the full report of the day even if it is late at night and hopefully i can write it on Mike the Me’s Tablet with the microphone on.

Kind regards, 


2/12/2016 friday morning


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