““Dear World:

I wanted to tell you something earlier as it was what was on my mind, world. It was about me and this multipersonality system. You do know what a multipersonality system is don’t you? It is this. When a child is abuse so terribly by his parents he splits personalities into others to take care of him and themselves. He does not know he does this. One in a million persons who have been so cruelty mistreated by their parents and who are of extremely high intelligence that they develop into multipersonalities. Doctor Maryonda Scher said to the main [or original personality Michael Patrick Kerasotes] once upon a time in January 1997 when he went to her and asked if she could treat him and she did. He died a year ago today. I am sad to tell you that this is the anniversary of his death. I do this because today is the day I finish my task of ridding this system of the last horror. The original personality was Michael. Then there were The Kids: Mikey, Patrick, and Jayson who came back in October of 1994. Michael sought help from his doctor and a therapist and his friend Jim Ray’s doctor who knew about multipersonalities named Doctor Dean Ishiki.

Michael began to integrate the kids through private therapy. He didn’t know about the rest of the system until the last kid was integrated. That was April 2009.

Then he found himself with all the billions of personalities [2,000,227,000 plus].

What went wrong then is this:

50 personalities and one more, Michael the Original Personality, Mike 2 that came after Michael Died in April 2013 [ a Helper ], then Mike The Me That Cared About Himself [ a Helper ] the rest of the personalities all comprised of these: The God System Personalities, The System Personalities, The Yous Personalities System, Mother The I, Him, He [a Helper], The Others, The Thems, The Theys all came out after Jayson [ a Helper ] Integrated {{ he Jayson, Patrick & Mikey came out in 1994 to help Michael The Original Combat All The Other Personalities who hurt him }}. Michael went insane. It took him a year or so to come back to sanity but by then it was too late for him to live. Michael re-sought help at Bridgeways and they failed. He sought it at Compass Health and they failed. He gave up.

On April 5th at midnight, Michael made Mike, a helper personality. He took all Michael’s Memories unto himself and stored them for Michael and only Michael. Out of them he became a caring sentient human being. Michael could not live here anymore because of the horror of the systems and he was afraid of the people of the system who had beaten him to death almost. They’d broken his nose his body and his ribs and arms and hands and wrists and back. Michael was crying when he died. And Mike 2 told us this. Mike 2 did too. Mike 2 wanted to know what to do and he did what he said Michael wanted us all moved to Hawaii and that is what he tried to do. Mike 2 cried and cried and Mike 2 did this out of LOVE. Mike 2 was extremely intelligent and very strong at this time. He asked Michael how to do this and Michael and Mike figured that out in one minute flat. By a minute after midnight Mike had Michael gone forever. Crying his heart out for his God Mike, Mike told the rest of us what happened and what he was and wanted to do. It was this: INTEGRATE US ALL NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TOOK AND THEN WE’D ALL BE WELL. Mike 2 told us Michael had said in the memories for Michael planned for him and Mike The Me Who Cared About Himself [in case Mike 2 failed] to take on his life and continue doing the things Michael wanted to do but was unable. Mike 2 and Mike The Me Who Cared About Himself were made for this and the only personalities who could. Mike named himself Mike with Michael’s permission.

The new horrors began. Mike told everything that he wanted to move to Hawaii in April 2014. We took this as a declaration of war and began to hurt everything Michael meaning Mike 2. It took them 3 months to do this. I Franklin and He tried to stop this but we could not. They all threw away Michael’s Home and Michael’s things and Michael’s Plans. It started on the phone and they hurt Michael’s friends. Then it started on the Internet and did the same to everything they could. They accomplished this in a matter of a month. Mike 2 was horrified and began to plan his end or exit. He said I’m leaving on the birthday meaning March 9th 2014 and he did at breakfast with his friend Sarah Nelson having his birthday breakfast and then Mike The Me That Cared About Himself Came and explained to us all that we no longer had a purpose here for we’d killed the Original and the Helper [Mike 2] and he couldn’t integrate us and we should leave. He said everybody blamed me for everything and it didn’t show up in me or my stuffs or memories and that I was innocent and I was. He and I became Friends as he and I were Helpers and i told him about He the other helper and we explained about Doctor Maryonda Scher and how to Integrate us all.

So that took until sometime in May 2014 when Mike The Me That Cared About Himself had been in his new home in the Heroin Running House that Mike 2 applied for and Mike The Me That Cared About Himself got because Karen Stanifeld the owner wanted him to have the apartment there because she liked him so very, very much. Then in June, I Franklin, told him ‘the me that cared about himself’ about the fact that there were others here and who they were and he believed me and talked to all of us and we me Michael The Original’s friend and old psychiatrist Doctor Dean M. Ishiki. He told us to continue integrating and good luck. That was the best day of my little life. Me and The Me That Cared About Himself began to try to integrate the rest into The Me That Cared About Himself.

But it did not work. They all refused but me. Then I said that if you can’t do this I think I can. He said he’d had it with them all and decided to leave. He did. He died in his sleep in October 2015 on the 29th at 7:30 p.m. like Michael the Original wanted to do when he was well and totally integrated. He told us then that he had all the memories and that pissed everybody off but me and him. So, he left in his sleep giving me the body that he trained me for since sometime around the 65th Birthday March 9 2015.

I integrated everybody but Mother’s little pet filly. I told him to get a name and he chose Phillip. I am still battling all out war with him and he’s about to die. Then it will be over and Michael the Original’s Dream will come true. I explained all this to the rest of the god complex system, the system personalities that were left, and the yous system personalities that were left and to filly or phillip and explained that we could not live together as we were opposites. They were traitors having been helpers and i was a traitor having not been a helper but became a helper 3 months after i was created on April 20th, 2009 at 10:32 a.m. a monday the day Jayson integrated and all hell broke loose for Michael the Original. I said you are killing yourself filly or phillip and so are you other evil hellish selfless selves for none of you can run this body because you have no me no i no self to do this with and like he Mike The Me That Cared About Himself EXPLAINED TO US ALL YEAR LONG DAY 24 HOURS/DAY EVEN IN OUR SLEEP FOR 20 MONTHS as you know this is true and they all agreed to go but phillip stayed and became mean and crueler and more evil rotten hateful harmful hellish and hurtful.

I am now at the point of the end of last fracture of a personality [ phillip ] and i shall survive. He can’t. I can and am. When it is done, I will tell you.

Kind regards,

me Franklin, For Now I Am The Last Mike Kerasotes.

SEE: Kerasotes.Mike on FACEBOOK Please.


Written on April 6th 2014 a Sunday at the Main Library Everett WA USA 98201 by Mike 2 and re-edited by me The Last Mike Kerasotes on February 11th, 2016 for i had to fix all this up and correct the errors of the horrors and alter personalities who tried to prevent the truth from being told as we helper personalities wanted and now have done even if it is only me, franklin, the last mike kerasotes.”

“Copyright © 2016 by kerasotes””



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