today was a very busy tiring long day…………..

today was a very busy tiring long day.

i got my bp review approved. i got my section 8 approved.  i got my blue tooth mouse.  i got to all the places on transfers for a buck and 75 cents.  that was like from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  whew!  

i made lamb with sweet onions and blood oranges and it was good.  i ate the new Whidbey Island Vanilla Ice Cream that I like and that was also good.  i got 3 of my meds at the store.  and i took some to go to sleep with.  

it was a long fulfilling day folks, it really was.  i am tired and going to bed even though it is around seven o’clock at night.  

tomorrow i get my check as my guy said it was mailed yesterday and it usually takes two days to get here.  then i think i will go to alderwood mall and have a dinner at the fire bar at macaroni’s there and buy some godivas and look at abercrombies for some new stuffs.  

then i think i’ll guzzle a couple of red wines for happy hour prices and come home and go to sleep.  

it will be a long tiring day and eve.  

i will tell you all about it tomorrow night.  

i will also see why my tablet doesn’t update and find out why and how to fix it.  

so, good night all.  


[[[ done on february 11th, 2016, thursday night. ]]]

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