A Plan to Make Michael’s Dream Come True Mister Disney……….. a plan to make a dream come true! by kerasotes (c) 2016

it has come to this point world, it has come to this point. it has come to this: i am no longer able to stay. i am going to train phillip to be here like Mike The Me That Cared About Himself did me. that way folks, Michael’s Dream Could COME TRUE. i know this will be the hardest thing i’ve done for phillip isn’t equipped to run this body for he has no self. i am showing him how today to have a self. a self and a me . a self and a me and an I . this is what Mike The Me That Cared About Himself did for me. i have really been trying this since all the rest of phillip’s friends and family left on their own except the 17 i had to get rid of because they bothered phillip. i am doing this because i can. i am doing this because i know it will work. if phillip doesn’t integrate, we will die. that we already knew and discussed and i believe i have discussed this with you. here, phillip and i are opposites. i was created a horror. a horror is a personality created by a personality to live and to have his creation hurt the original. phillip was created a helper on thanksgiving 1955 at dinner at the lake house in lake springfield illinois. he was created because Michael needed help. Marge & George were at him – his adopted parents . i tell you this so you will know and phillip will know. now, i am going to try to also do this for you know you cant always do things that you say you can and you might as well have an alternative. another way for it to work in case the one does not work. so i am trying to make phillip michael’s dream come true.
i am in so much pain that even the pain pills don’t work. i can manage it like michael and the me that cared did, i know how. they taught me. i learned good. i was the only one, the only personality to listen to everyone apply it like michael said and learn it and remember it. i did this without stealing other people’s memories. i did it as a helper to help michael after i turn traitor to himself that made me, my father, my daddy was himself not michael. phillip was made a helper. like the next day, phillip turned traitor in november 1955. it was april 20 th 2009 at 10:32 a.m. that i was made. i turned traitor three months later because i couldn’t stand what every body did to michael. He and I mean “He” the Personality was the Eldest Helper and He said to me good for you let me show you the help ways and come here with me and i’ll learn ya how to protect michael and how to take all the others away – even michael. so i learned from the oldest helper how to help michael, he and us. now i am passing on that information to phillip. how does that go – he’s my only help. he’s my only help. if i can train him to be a somebody who cares about himself, who can have a me an i a self and care, i can make michael’s dream come true and leave phillip the body and he’ll have to be the one who gets well. opposites can’t live together. opposites kill eachother it was explained to me. i got everyone to understand this. i did. phillip stubbornly refused to go or integrate. he’s that mean. he’s that stupid. he’s what michael called CRUELTY. i know why. but i can still try [ thank you PINK for Try Try Try } and so can he. me 2/13/2016 at 9:30 a.m. saturday morning. 🙂

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