today has been a hell of a day. i woke up early and in pain. it was just hellish. and that coming from ‘hell itself’ by kerasotes

today has been a hell of a day. i woke up early and in pain. it was just hellish. and that coming from ‘hell itself’ but i called my doctor because i was supposed to follow up after being in the hospital and did. we talked. it was nice. he told me i was doing well.
the sun came out and i did some errands. i went out for a little walk. i had a smoke. and i reminisced. that was okay.
one of my old friends surprised me this morning by being downstairs at my front door and i got to invite him up and visit with him for a while. that was nice. i won’t go into why we hadn’t seen each other for a long time for private reasons. it was good to see and hug him and good to see him looking better. he’s living in Seattle and invited me down for dinner some time in the future. that was nice.
i saw one of my new neighbors and her friend and we talked and that was also nice. it was good to see her with some one she liked and who is nice and that we all get along.
later after my errands, i saw another of my friends here and we walked home together and chatted. we talked of things that i won’t write about.
just a bit ago, i saw that my friend had gotten home from say the hospital and was finally home. i was glad for him and glad for that and i gave him my congratulations. i haven’t seen him in ages for he lives on the other side of the country.
i got to wear my new say Sony Walkman that my old friend from down the lane surprised me with yesterday after we met at the library and went shopping before i was invited to dinner with her and her two old friends and old employees. that was a special treat. i really enjoyed that.
i tried to write everyone on their pages or in their message boxes my thanks for all the wonderful things of yesterday. i have one more to do today. i will do that next.
then, i have to write. i have to re-edit my charts of the systems and re-write it and make it back the way i want instead of like a journal entry and and up to date daily entry thing. i don’t like it the way it is now. that is on my WordPress page. that will take me some time. yet, no matter how long it takes me, i will get to it and get it done for it not only helps me but it helps others. others in my situation and other who help people in my situation.
i also got to speak with my friend from one of the places that is special to me and she explained co-pays and amounts and stuff like how that affects rents and such and she got my letter and thanked me. that was also a nice thing.
so, although i don’t feel all that good or happy. i have had a good day and done some wonderful things in the past 24 hours. so there you go people, there you go.
don’t worry. i am working on fixing things and myself and my situation and can handle it. i am not depressed. i have cried and have been sad and have hurt but am feeling better and different. it will be okay.
until the next time, me
march 16, 2016

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