I saw my friend Laurie this morning and she said you have hair and eyebrows again, how nice and she smiled and i smiled and we hugged and that was indeed nice. Someone noticed all this and that I looked better and I do feel better and it was worth it.
So I am sharing this with you.
I know there are other things going on and they involve a couple of sets of things. One is ridding this system of the things that destroyed it and made everyone else leave or die. I am almost done. I can sleep and did for like 12 hours last night and awoke for the final time at around 8:30 o’clock this morning. Good for me. The debate now is what to do about checking on these things: did the doctor indeed get rid of all the cancers and diseases and pollens and damages that were inflicted upon it by things other than me or I. I see my new female doctor at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday. I guess that will be nice. I have a lot to tell her and a lot to explain. There will of course be ‘the incident’ before the birthday that was done on purpose as usual to hurt. I understand all this even though you all don’t. Some of you may and Some of you may not, that I do know and I will let you know how that goes.
So INTEGRATION Goes On. I Am Almost Done Integrating. Almost. Almost Done.
So the checking to see if every cancer thing was cured or not is the other set of things I am working on. That is not done nor almost done for that all depends on what me and my doctor decide on Thursday. I will let you know how that goes as well as the Integrating.
Well, It is warm wet and dark this morning, not sunny. I have no idea about what kind of weather we are having today nor what kind of weather we or i am in store for today. It does not matter to me for I do not have to go to places wait for buses or travel. I do have a phone call to make regarding help for my friend’s foundation and I am working on an email for that instead of a phone call. I did call Jeffrey about it yesterday and he said to call Ed about it after all Ed runs the place and he’s just the administrator. So I have to think of the right words to use and make it brief.
What else? Oh, Kindle Fire is up and running. I have to Download Overdrive or whatever that program is called that allows you to download books free from the library and read or listen to them on the new machine. I really am looking forward to walking around listening to books. That will be ‘my trip to California’ – that will be my trip to a place where I can enjoy myself and walk and exercise and feel good listening to a good book. I want to do “THE GOLDEN COMPASS SERIES” of three books. I liked the movie. I hope I will like the books.
So that is where i am folks, where i am.
You all have a nice day and have fun.
Kind regards,
March 22, 2016

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