“ON CHARTING THE SYSTEM & ME” by kerasotes (c) 2016



I am re-writing the charting and the system and how they got there and about me.  How about this for a start.  From the beginning there was everybody but me.  They all were against Michael but He, Jayson, Patrick, and Mikey.  Period.  Then I came.  I came because daddy ‘HIM’ the personality that once helped Michael until Mother’s Little Pet ruined for everybody.  I was born knowing all this.  I was created to rid all of this.  So, here I am running things superbly and getting acknowledged for it even from my doctors and my friends and peers and even by the people Michael Knew!  It is wonderful.  I am about to WIN COMPLETELY – FOR EVER!  I AM ABOUT TO WIN COMPLETELY FOR EVER!  I AM THAT CLOSE TO BEING RID OF THE THING THAT INITIATED MICHAEL’S DEATH AND DESTRUCTION AND EVERYTHING ELSE AGAINST MICHAEL.


After I do this, I will be able to tell you about it and me and what I have done all my life – not all my days for I have not lived all my days yet.


That will be soon.  Say tomorrow – he says.

Say next week, he says.


Me I say I’ve already won and will be letting you know when it is done.


That’s all for now for the poor dead tired thing is numb and I must rid myself of it.


Good Night.  Good Luck.  And, Sweet Dreams!



March 23, 2016 Wednesday 4:41 p.m. on Tonya’s HP Computer ………………..


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