“On The Battle ” — by kerasotes (c) 2016

“On The Battle “ — by kerasotes (c) 2016


“On the Battle, I’ve got it down to the point where Phillip is understanding what he stole and took and destroyed by pretending to be Michael.  It is awful for him.  Just Horrible.  He does not like it.  I said if you had a self or an i or a me, you would never do this to yourself.  Then later i added you would never do this to yourself again.  


Now he knows.


Isn’t that something.  I got to show him this with a real person trained in being helpful as a Nurse and understanding Multi-Personalities and Us and Him and His systemming and how he is just hurting us and me and him and i don’t like it either so i have to take him away.  


i’ve got it to the point that i don’t even have to expend energy to do this.  


that’s something.  i thought i’d write that today.  so there, i did.


i got to practice having him in a real person’s body with them there in their own space and he there in his in her.  how neat.  how unique to explain that to him and her.  i did explain it again to miss nancy fischer at the senior center and she told me how fabulous i was doing in integrating him.  and i am.


so there.  i have it down to where there are no voices.  i have it down to if you are going to be here you are going to punish yourself for nothing and to do that is stupid and why after all these years let alone your so called 60 years on this earth stuff and you still haven’t learned how not to hurt yourself?  i mean really.  


so michael, and all who are gone, this is what it was like for You, You Michael the Original [you] who was taken away by this thing this creature this phillip this cruelty and this is what it’s down to.  And I have helped kill him.  Just like you said and trained me to do.  Without Pain.  Without because he said he wanted to die in Pain.  Stupid you went and we all agreed.  Now Michael there is hardly any of ‘The You’ Left!  I have gotten rid of it.  I am the only one left.  I have not fractured nor framented nor split nor altered nor drugged.  I am.  You told me not to so I did not.  Thank you.  Phillip stole your drugs and fractured, then fragmented, then re-fractured into a million pieces.  I had him down to 100 last week.  This week or day there are less.  That’s all I’ll say on that the rest is what Phillip has been doing because I am sticking him here in this body ton kill him.  It is easier this way.  I’ve already told Hime.  So, There is hardly any of the you left.  No Phillip, the last of “The Yous” and that the you will be dead soon.  gone.  that’s the way of it and i told you i was made for this day when i was born and asked who you were for you were the one who was old and ancient and had no me no self no in no nothing as michael called it and no brains.  i thought not.  i thought differently.  i was right.  i was wrong.  i was created to rid this system of this battle and it chose me to help it and win and win i am and will.


the end, me.   3/23/2016, wednesday morning – good day.


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