why is it that we want to live forever ? by kerasotes (c) 2016

why is it that we want to live forever ?  


it isn’t that we want to be young forever, it is that we want to live forever.  We do not want to be young forever, we want to be old and wise and full of beauty and our souls shine and everybody knows we’re wonderful and so – – – i ask isn’t it really rather this – we want to live forever after we have been everywhere, known every one, and done everything.  even Hollywood.  okay?  okay.  me



here is some of my other thoughts on the subject and the subject that isn’t it pitiful and pathetic to be here with phillip who could have been my best friend and we could have got rid of everybody and ruled in here.  so here are some of those thoughts, some of Michael’s thoughts { for i have them having been with him for year } and some of Phillip’s thoughts and some of our ‘ we could have ruled as friends here instead of fought each other tooth and neck and toe nails ‘ things:


i think like Haggard, that is H. Rider Haggard, the writer of She, whose figure Ayesha entered the flame of life – blue and cool and replenetian and brought back youth and wisdom.  To Stay Here, she said and Rule.  With all the Beauty Wisdom and Thoughts and I don’t know about Kindness but Truth would have been there and Judgment, she was Cruel.


So, I think you have to be old to understand this.  not young.  i may be young and only 8 yeards on this planed but i arrived at the age of 59.  i am now 66.  after having my 60th birthday in Egypt and finding i loved it there and their history.  i rode around the pyramids on a camel three times to turn back time.  i wanted time to be at the beginning before there were any mistakes.  no others here .  no one but me.  i did this with Michael the Original, me Mike Kerasotes the last Mike Kerasotes for no others can live here with me.  That’s been established and now a fact and a truth.  Everyone left of died.  Me and Him could have ruled the world here but he chose the wrong path and i chose the right one.  After all, the brain picked me after ‘the me that cared about himself’ died in his sleep on October 29, 2016.  I have been here since.  I got at least one cancer killed, if not all and all the other diseases.


Today, I get to go to my new female doctor, my PCP or Primary Care Doctor or Family Doctor.  She’s been hand picked for me.  My United Health Care Guy David [who sent me a beautiful birthday card in the mail] picked her out.  There were 5 separate printouts of 5 different doctor’s who were supposed to give me my doctor aaron brown said i was to have and should have forever including morphine.

So it is an important day!


if it is too rambled and to broken and the thoughts don’t all sound right, re read it please for it is about living forever and why we or i would want to.


thank you,


[[[ { written on march 24, 2016 from ten fifteen to ten thirty in the morning } ]]]

kerasotes (c) 2016

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