“How I am doing with him … by kerasotes”

“How I am doing with him … by kerasotes”  


“How I am doing with him:  I am doing much better, not fine.  I am figuring out how he does everything.  And I am done with that today.  I have even figured out how he made his nose drip every time you went out side, every time you drank a cup of tea, every time you wanted to do something on the spur of the moment and even when you wanted to go to the bathroom when you didn’t have to go because he’d signal the body to shit itself or pee itself or orgasm upon command.  


I have put a stop to this just like i was born to do.  


You see for 59 years this stuff happened to Michael and the 50 others and my Daddy had had enough of Mother’s Little Pest and Made Me.  

It took him two hours and two minutes the last Helper Left.  

That and the fact that he had been planning this with He all along all the days of Michael’s Life for even though Daddy was a Hurter, He Helped Michael.  

He like I and like ‘He’, did not do drugs.  

Michael forbade us drugs.

And he was right (or correct) in this and the three of us believed him and in him and did what he said and didn’t do them.  



So Daddy created me to get rid of Mother’s little pest.  

So I am.  I am Getting Rid of The Pest!

I am almost done and the pest knows it.  

He is an awful thing and he knows this as well.  

I have been showing him what he is and what he did to become this way and for sixty years he’s been doing this and he still has no me, no you, no i, no self, no somebody to be, no nothing like Michael said.  

So you see,

it has been hard on me but once I got it down to just him and me, it was easy.  


“It will be easy when it is just the two of you for you have a self and intelligence and are a Helper on your own choosing despite the fact that you were made a horror to hurt Michael you showed us all how stupid that was and how right Michael was that we should all Integrate.”  [Mommy being “Mother The I” Personality]


I shall leave it at this for i am not done.


Good Day, me.


I wrote this on March 25, 2016, a Friday Afternoon.  me, kerasotes”


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